March 2021

Introducing 121RW

No sooner did the February Editor’s Briefing hit the ink that we found “The One.” I am thrilled to announce my husband Jared and I are the PROUD co-owners of a beautiful 1970 F33A Bonanza! It has yet to sink in fully, but we could not be more excited to start this journey – and Read More

The Risk-Reward Analysis Just Because You Can, Should You?

It was a dark and humid mid-October night in northwest Arkansas. A low-pressure system was straddling the state, immersing the region in moist, dense air. Numerous rain showers had moved east leaving behind a low raggedy cumulostratus cloud deck that evening.  My husband and I had just finished dinner when we heard the growl of Read More

GPUs by Best Tugs

Many pilots are aware of Best Tugs and their broad offering of aircraft tugs – product lines we covered in the February 2019 issue of Twin & Turbine. Brothers Mark and Mike Patey, along with their wives Suzie and Chandra, are the co-founders of Best Tugs, and their team is building upon their extensive experience Read More

Eclipse Jet
The Ins and Outs of Ownership 

Rewind to 2008, and I had just finished the online Learning Management System (LMS) course – a first in general aviation – for the Eclipse Jet 500 (EA500S) type rating. Eclipse Aerospace was on a roll, and I attended one of the first simulator classes at the Double Eagle Airport in New Mexico. Of course, Read More

Record-Breaking Flights

The fastest time to fly from one airport to another.The top payload carried in a type of aircraft.The shortest duration to reach an altitude.  These are just a few examples of the thousands of recognized flying-related records out there. In terms of “powered aircraft,” current records date back to the infancy of flight. While some Read More

Freedom of Flight
General Aviation: Use It or Lose It

Do you enjoy the smell of fresh-cut grass and the click of a golf ball on your club? Or gently resting the pad of your finger on a four-pound test line – then, one click at a time, trying to convince your favorite fish to bite? Perhaps traversing a wilderness area where the nearest jeep Read More

Fit for Purpose
Moving from a Heavy-Piston Twin to High-Performance Turbine

by Elliot Zeltzer, Owner-Pilot Lately, it occurs to me, what a long strange trip it’s been.”  – Jerry Garcia (“Truckin” by Grateful Dead) In the Beginning In 1963, my father had a customer who was in the home building business. He offered my father a ride in his airplane and took us to Detroit Metropolitan Read More


In Response to Stan Dunn’s “Dangerous Rudder” (February) I’m working my way through the Feb issue of Twin &Turbine, and I really enjoyed your article about how most of us are rudder illiterate. I was one of those tailwheel guys who wouldn’t shut up when I first started my flight training in an Aeronca Champ, Read More

Maintenance Issues

“November three nine six delta mike, on departure turn left heading zero seven zero, cleared for takeoff runway one three left,” came the instruction from Dallas Love tower. I advanced the throttles of my C90A King Air to takeoff power. “Power set, two good engines, airspeed alive both sides,” I said to myself on the Read More