March 2020

Confessions of an Old Grouchy Aviation Skeptic

The following is guest editorial by my father Randy Groom, an industry veteran and owner-pilot. 2020 marks the 40th year since I left college and joined the general aviation industry at Beechcraft in Wichita. In those 40 years, I have watched with amazement as new designs and new airframe companies attempted, and in some cases, succeeded Read More

Flying It Forward

For the past 30 or so years, March 8 has been celebrated as International Women in Aviation day, which coincides with the day on which the first woman, Raymonde de Laroche, earned a pilot’s license in 1910. The point is highlight and bring awareness to the achievements of women in all aviation career fields over Read More

Garmin Rolls Out GTN Xi Series: Fourth Generation

  Garmin International recently announced an updated version of its popular GTN series of GPS/NAV/COMs. Building upon the capabilities of the previous GTNs, they are releasing the new units – named GTN Xi – with higher resolution displays and faster processors. The GTN 650Xi and GTN 750Xi represent the fourth generation of GPS/NAV/COM systems since Read More

Flying to Protect Nature: Conservation flights focus on preserving lands, water and wildlife.

General aviation has become an irrefutable asset to businesses and organizations of all sizes, needs and profits. Whether it be manufacturing firms, consulting agencies or law offices, aircraft provide value not obtainable by using other transportation methods – especially when operating in areas of little infrastructure. Aviation’s impact is also felt by conservationists, who are Read More

A Cross-Country Flight and Review of the Pilatus PC-24

Photos Courtesy of Jerry Wyszatycki, Avatar Productions. I have been flying the various models of the Pilatus PC-12 since 2006. Whether flying shorter hops or transporting people and supplies for disaster relief, the airplane has shown me amazing versatility. So, when Pilatus announced its PC-24 program and subsequently named it the Super Versatile Jet, I knew Read More

Five on the Fly: Jed Johnson

WHO: Jed Johnson COMPANY: Pilatus Aircraft POSITION: Chief Pilot HOMEBASE: KBJC RATINGS: FATP, CFII, MEI HOURS: 11,300 1. Can you summarize your aviation background?   My father got me exposed to aviation. He worked with VanDusen, AAR and Duncan Aviation, so we traveled in GA aircraft a lot when I was growing up. I followed a Read More

A Guide to the Citation 560XL Series: Part 2 ADS-B vs. ADS-B + LPV vs. Garmin G5000 Upgrade

Let’s face it – it’s not an easy decision. Do you spend $130,000 to simply keep your airplane in the air? Spend $300,000 to make it legal and give yourself greater access? Or spend $500,000 and give your airplane a complete avionics facelift, extending its useful life for many years? To answer that question, let’s Read More

Novel Introduces Aviation to Juniors “Stranded” by JE Timlin

Richard is a training captain with an international airline. His wife, Julie, is a writer. Their ten-year-old daughter, Talitha, dreams of following in her father’s footsteps and becoming a pilot one day. Talitha’s interest is not surprising as she has an aviator in her family. She sees her dad head off to exotic locations every Read More

Sick of It: Milestones and kidney stones: Flying with a medical condition.

What major milestones mark the month of March? The 70th anniversary of Silly Putty and the 75th anniversary of the rubber band, of course. After all, what would childhood be without Silly Putty, and would we have pursued aviation if our balsa airplane had no rubber band? The annual celebration of Women’s Day was on Read More

Roundtrip to Wichita at the Speed Of…

“I need to drop my M2 off at the service center in Wichita. Want to fly right seat?” came the voicemail question from friend Larry King. “Oh, and I might buy a 206, so Cessna will take us home on a demo flight back to Dallas,” he added. Now, that might be an interesting trip, I Read More