June 2020

View from Upside Down

This summer marks 10 years since I learned to fly.  In those 10 years, I have been fortunate to experience a host of unique airplanes and flying, but one of the most fun (and eye-opening) experiences occurred just earlier this year when my husband Jared and I visited Patty Wagstaff Aviation Safety in St. Augustine, Read More

Piston Power Series: Piper Malibu vs. Piper Mirage

Editor’s note: Though neither are twin or turbine, these two make an exception to be included in this piston series.  I think the piston versions of the PA46 are some of the sweetest airplanes on the planet. They fit a nice niche between the unpressurized semi-cross country piston airplanes and the pressurized “big airplanes” that are Read More

PilotTube: Owner-pilots invite viewers into the cockpit.

Premier 1 Driver: Have jet. Will travel. What do you get when you combine an experienced F-16 pilot, a Beechcraft Premier 1A jet, and a cockpit full of cameras with some creative videography and YouTube? You get Premier 1 Driver and the chance to fly “right seat” as Greg Mink travels to exciting locations throughout Read More

Five on the Fly: Glenn Watson

WHO: Glenn Watson COMPANY: Mach Point One Aviation Photography POSITION: Owner/Photographer HOMEBASE: GTU RATINGS: ATP MEL, COM SEL HOURS: 2,500   1. Can you summarize your aviation/piloting background?    I was born into a general aviation family with my dad teaching high school aviation courses and flight instructing. But due to life, finances and a family Read More

Retrain Your Brain: Confidence and Airmanship Training

Following my first exposure to Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) in early 2019, I gained a huge respect for this type of training in a real airplane. It teaches pilots an understanding of the edge of the envelope and allows the body to feel the associated G-forces. A year later, unable to find guidance Read More

Stuff Happens

As much as we try to personalize them, airplanes are above all mindless mechanical devices that wear down and break at regular intervals, in spite of our mechanic’s best efforts. When this occurs, the pilots involved (and I am definitely one of them) invariably tend to blame themselves and lie awake at night thinking about Read More

En Route

Photography Book Spotlights Owner-Flown Jets  by Jessica Ambats “Jet Dreams” is a combination of my two passions: aviation and photography. It’s a high-end coffee table photography book about jets, entrepreneurs and dreams. Jet Dreams will feature awe-inspiring jets in spectacular locations, but it’s about something bigger: chasing dreams. As kids, many of us looked up Read More

The Loneliest Number: Piloting Planes During a Planetary Pandemic

The swine flu (H1N1 from Mexico), bird flu (H5N1 from Asia), Ebola (from The Congo), and the seasonal flu (influenza A or B) kill a half-million or less every year. The Spanish flu of 1918 (H1N1 from Kansas) killed 50 to 100 million of us and was the last time humanity faced such an attack Read More

First Flight Back

                  ‘Twas the night before May first, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, Patty and Peaches asleep on the couch Foreflight on the iPad by the chimney with care In preparation for my first flight in six weeks though I dare I sprang Read More