June 2017

The End is Near

As you may have read in the April Editor’s Briefing, my home airport Johnson County Executive Airport (KOJC) was decimated by severe straight-line winds that destroyed or damaged numerous hangars and the aircraft inside them. With one of my beloved birds caught up in the mess, you could say I have gone through the five Read More

Airmail: “There Are No Happy Endings” Airport Damage at KOJC

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your emotional editorial in the April editorial. (Editor’s Briefing, April 2017) Your feelings of loss and joy of having one of your airplanes survive a horrific storm brought a tear to my eye. And your wonderful description about the wonder, amazement, frustration, worry, and achievement Read More

Airmail: Writer Kevin Ware Inspires

As a Twin & Turbine subscriber, Twin Cessna member and C-340 admirer, I wanted to say thanks to Kevin Ware who is perhaps an unintended aviator role model that seems to be “living the dream.” Combining two high-pressure careers is challenging at least, and is extremely impressive when accomplished, and is something that I still Read More

Airmail: David Miller’s Flying Aussie Style

I have enjoyed your column in Twin & Turbine  over the years, our flying backgrounds being somewhat similar (owner/pilot). I operated a Citation 550 with an exemption for a decade before reluctantly moving on to Lears and now Challengers, and ultimately moved a sizable real estate business into aviation where I have been well rewarded. I envy Read More

The Pursuit of Speed & Precision in 3 Dimensions

With the approach of summer, thousands of pilots and aviation enthusiasts begin to count down the days to the mother of all airshows: AirVenture Oshkosh. One performer whose show is a don’t-miss, 10 minutes of aerobatic artistry combined with aggressive, edgy maneuvers is Kirby Chambliss. An aerobatic champion and Red Bull Air Race star, Chambliss Read More

The Long Tentacles of a Thunderstorm

On a radar display, green does not mean go, nor yellow mean caution. Plus, hazards may lurk in the black. The flight was Fort Lauderdale to Reading, Penn., with two passengers. It should have been routine, with just the usual shoreline thunderstorms common to Florida’s east coast. The aircraft was a hybrid: a Beech Duke Read More

Jet Journal: Flying for a Cause – Part 3

Part 3: The “Who” of Charitable Flying This month we will be concluding our three-part series on charitable flying. In the first article, I made an effort to convince you “why” you would want to be a volunteer pilot, and then in last month’s edition I did my best to explain how the process works Read More

Jet Journal: Sitting in Back

Three-day trip provides a new perspective on pilot-versus-passenger perceptions. It seemed very strange sitting in the back of the new Gulfstream 280 (G280) at FL430, on a fine leather chair that moves in a dozen different directions, sipping coffee made from a genuine French espresso machine located in its own custom cabinet in the aircraft’s Read More

Jet Journal: Litanies

The story of a go-around at one of the nation's most carefully controlled airspaces: DCA Litany: noun, plural litanies. A prolonged account; a list, catalog, enumeration. On five-mile final, the approach is not working. You’re too fast. The spacing on the plane in front of you is insufficient, you’re not fully configured, you dropped your pen and Read More

Jet Journal: Five on the Fly

WHO: Martin Ingram COMPANY: President and CEO of Muncie Aviation WHERE: Muncie, Indiana QUALIFICATIONS: Aircraft salesman Since 1983, Dealer for Piper, Daher and Quest, 5,000+ hours of flight time 1. Congratulations on 85 years. Tell us about Muncie Aviation’s beginnings. Muncie Aviation was founded by Edmund Ball, one of the sons of the original Ball Brothers (famous for the Ball glass Read More

Shared Ownership

An old (often bad) idea transformed into an innovative ownership option. Aircraft owners and operators don’t usually spend their money on airplanes with the intention of having them mostly sit, underutilized, in a hangar. But the fact is, there are many who want the benefits of ownership, yet they have relatively modest usage requirements. Just Read More

Recurrent Reality Check

Twin and Turbine’s editor Dianne White posed an intriguing series of questions to me: “When working on our multi-engine rating, we spend most our time practicing engine-out technique, which is critical. But is engine failure what kills pilots and their passengers? Or are they more the result of flying into stuff – weather and terrain? Read More

In The Groove

Guppy School (Part Deux) It’s taken 150 hours, but I’m getting a handle on the 737 Guppy (see “Guppy School,” Twin & Turbine, January 2017). It’s rewarding to once again hear “Great landing, great flight” compliments from the passengers and FA’s, the flight attendants. An observer in the cockpit is well suited to gauge piloting Read More

Duncan Aviation Delivers First CJ3 Pro Line Fusion Flight Deck Upgrade 

Duncan Aviation has delivered the first Citation CJ3 aircraft equipped with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion flight deck upgrade, which transforms the pilot’s flight experience and meets upcoming NextGen mandates. The system received Supplement Type Certification from the FAA April 21 and the aircraft was subsequently delivered to the customer yesterday afternoon. The second Read More

Gill Batteries New Gen 7000/LT Series Battery Awarded FAA PMA for Cessna Citations

Gill Batteries have been FAA approved for installation of its new-generation 7000 Series/LT sealed lead acid battery on Cessna Citation aircraft.  “We are extremely excited to now be able to offer this advanced battery to the 6,800 Cessna Citations in operation around the world,” Gill Batteries General Manager Armando Chacon said. “These Citation owner-operators now Read More

Which Airplane is for Me? Part 2

In our last episode, we found young David yearning to fly his own turbine airplane. In this episode, he visits new and exotic locales in search of what may be the perfect steed. But first, a few side trips. The MU-2 Reader Ken Sutton emailed me about the process he went through to find and Read More