July 2020

A Close Call With COVID

On April 2, I received a heart-dropping text: “Rich Pickett was put on a ventilator due to COVID. Praying for our friend.” It was the first that I heard that he was sick. And COVID-19? A ventilator? The sinking feeling deepened. The reality of the virus flooding media outlets suddenly hit home with a punch. Read More

310 Pilot: Modern-Day “Sky King”

Not since the legendary Sky King’s Songbird II brought the grace and beauty of Cessna’s 310 onto TV sets across the county has the venerable twin enjoyed such a steadfast following as the fans of Kevin and Jaime Thornton’s YouTube adventures in 771BC.  Kevin Thornton and his wife, Jaime. If you’re like a lot of Read More

Diamond DA62 | Across the Atlantic: A Ferry Flight Review

Photos Courtesy of Joe Casey and Deanna Wallace Change is usually not welcome when it first enters your life, but often in hindsight that change ends up being the start of a good thing. The best-laid plans can be nice, but a diversion – an unplanned change that takes you down a road less traveled Read More

Piston Power Series | Cirrus SR22 vs. Diamond DA62

Let’s say your regular mission is to fly two to four people about 500 nm, and everyone has a small bag to bring along. You have a penchant for the nicer avionics, believe a newer airframe will have better safety features and lower operational costs, and your spouse is a non-pilot who is far more Read More

IFR Oddities

When I earned my Instrument rating, it was common to include the phrase “No SIDs/No STARs” in the Remarks when filing an IFR flight plan. Partly we were being cheap. In those days you had to buy stacks of paper charts and books even for a single IFR flight, and the SIDs (Standard Instrument Departures) Read More

Lucky People

Over the past several months, the COVID-19 problem dramatically reduced the number of executives flying business jets around the country to meet with customers. But, that doesn’t mean all flying has come to a standstill. Much of the piston and propeller fleet has been flying just fine, and quite fortunately, so have I – though Read More

Cabin Class Fever | After the Great Lockdown: The Great Lakes = Great Flying

cab·in fe·vernounThe distressing, claustrophobic irritabilityor restlessness experienced when a person or group is stuck at an isolated location or in confined quarters for an extended period. Lately, we have all had cabin fever. And our restlessness, frustration and irritability became privately and publicly evident – but no more. Now that we can resume flying, eating out and Read More

Surviving COVID-19

No, not the disease. I have been lucky there. But our esteemed Twin & Turbine contributor, Rich Pickett, did just that and has eloquently written about his scary ordeal (see this month’s Editor’s Briefing). Welcome back, Rich! All I had to do is survive living cooped up at home for months. It was truly a Read More