July 2019

Half-Century of Oshkosh

This year, EAA celebrates the 50th consecutive EAA AirVenture fly-in convention in Oshkosh. The event initially took place in Milwaukee in 1953 then moved to Illinois in 1960 before a final move to Oshkosh in 1970. “A half-century ago, EAA founder Paul Poberezny saw Oshkosh as the perfect place to bring together aviation enthusiasts,” said Read More

Knowing When to Say No

A spring bomb cyclone hits the Midwest. Historic flooding swamps the Midwest and Southeast. Heat waves smother Florida and the Southwest. A stuck pattern in the jet stream creates a trough over the western United States, which allowed systems to push further south than typical for late May into June.  If you were anywhere near the Read More

Oshkosh at 50

Once upon a time, Oshkosh was best recognized as a brand of overalls. Today, much of the world hears “Oshkosh” and thinks airplanes.  That’s because the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) is celebrating 50 years of Oshkosh, Wisconsin as the location of its annual fly-in convention, which this year runs July 22-28. This is the 67th Read More

Five on the Fly: Dick Knapinski

WHO: Dick Knapinski POSITION: EAA Director of Communications HOMEBASE: Oshkosh, Wisconsin RATINGS: Private Pilot Certificate 1. Can you describe your current role and responsibilities with EAA?    As director of communications, my role is developing and distributing EAA’s messaging to external parties, which is a very long list. Along with our 220,000 members, there is the Read More

Great Getaways: Telluride, Colorado

Telluride, famously known for its world-class skiing, is also a great option for a weekend or weeklong trip during the mid to late summer months. Situated in the western San Juan Mountains of the Rocky Mountain Range, Telluride’s natural, mountainous backdrop is both picturesque and chock-full of outdoor activities.  Activities and Amenities Visit Telluride, the Read More

The Newest Bonanza and Baron

Photo Courtesy of Textron Aviation On a rainy Sun ‘n Fun morning, I met with Tina Walser of Textron Aviation communications and Alex Chisolm, a factory-direct Bonanza/Baron salesman based near Washington, D.C. We looked at the latest versions of the Beechcraft Bonanza G36 and Baron G58 on display among the piston Cessnas, Caravans, King Airs Read More

Adding King Air Capacity: Halo STC Series by CenTex Aerospace

The King Air is one of the most iconic, useful and well-engineered airplanes in aviation history. Not only do they earn rave views from those who pilot them regularly, but the proven history and sheer volume of King Airs manufactured in the last 50-plus years is a testament to the brilliance of the original design.  Read More

Going Anyway

It was the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend and the Midwest was experiencing an unprecedented level of convective weather with thunderstorms, tornadoes and flooding all urgently reported by the TV news. Unfortunately, a longstanding Lear client of the company I fly for had an unexpected death in the family and needed to attend the Read More

Say What! Aviation memories: Poignant and playful (and sometimes rated “M” for Mature)

Aviation humor is a dialectal minefield for a writer and can easily poke an eye out if misused. Cartoonist Gary Larson was great at it. And a tactful, tastefully presented and good spirited bit of humor (or sarcasm) can help information and lessons stick in our memory better than IMSAFE, CIGAR, ARROW, GUMP or Identify, Read More

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand is an easy concept for airplane owners to understand – the more there is, the lower the price. Take the oil and gas industry, for instance, an industry I know little about, but I won’t let that stop me from pontificating.  Some smart person figures out how to drill sideways and extract Read More