January 2020

Bahamian Gem

This issue we highlight winter escapes – something I think about a lot during a January spent in Wichita, Kansas. My parents were fond of winter escapes, and growing up we were fortunate enough to partake in many. Looking back on my childhood, I find it incredible that I didn’t realize how much of a Read More


In Response to David Miller’s “Judgment or Experience” (November) I enjoy your column. You and Dingman are always my first reads, and if I don’t get to the rest of the magazine, that’s usually okay, although Ware was extraordinary this month. However, you passed on the perfect opportunity to use the old anecdote: Neophyte to Read More

Top Turboprop Series: Mitsubishi MU2 and King Air B100

Many years ago, a prospective aircraft owner came to me with the proposition that I assist her with the purchase of an airplane, then manage and fly that airplane inside my company. She wanted to move six-plus people within 800 nm, and do so with efficiency. But, she left me with one additional statement that Read More

Latest Autopilots from Genesys Aerosystems

Genesys Aerosystems may be a recent name in the aviation industry, however, their roots go back a number of years. The company formed in 2014 after obtaining the autopilot and panel display lines of business from Cobham. These two lines represented the very popular S-TEC autopilots and the former Chelton Flight Systems displays. S-TEC Autopilots Read More

Winter Escapes: Escape the cold with a flight to the tropics

                           Frigid temperatures, wind gusts, ice, snow – winter is now in full force around the country. How does a flight to the tropics sound? Perhaps you can still squeeze in a trip this year, or read on for helpful tips as you Read More

Five on the Fly: Kandi Spangler

WHO: Kandi Spangler COMPANY: jetAVIVA POSITION: Sales Director HOMEBASE: Denver, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (KBJC) RATINGS: PPL, Instrument HOURS: 850 1. Can you describe your aviation background?  I first fell in love with aviation in 1992 after experiencing a nighttime training flight in a C172 with a high school friend of mine. So, I borrowed money Read More

A Guide to the Citation 560XL Series: Part 1

The most common question I hear when I tell people I’m the 560XL expert for jetAVIVA is, “What is the proper nomenclature when referring to this aircraft: Excel or XL?” Technically, they’re both correct. The original airplane’s official marketed name is the “Citation Excel.” However, like every certified aircraft model, an official serial number designation Read More

The Hangar Problem

  There was a truly rare, freak-out weather event this past year at our airport. Strong gusty winds just blew the roof and doors off around 40 hangars built 30 years ago out of wood frames, wood truss roofs and metal siding. Oddly, aircraft tied outside on the flight line 100 yards from these hangars Read More

Power from the Start: Battery Talk with Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics and True Blue Power

  Since its founding 55 years ago as a small repair station in Wichita, Kansas, Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics has progressively expanded its product line and industry leadership. While the company remains a strong instrument overhaul and repair facility for a broad base of avionics, they continue to innovate with their own line of avionics, Read More

Statistically Speaking: Will you have an engine failure this year?

The good news for many T&T readers is the FAA says turbine engines have a failure rate of one per 375,000 flight hours compared to one every 3,200 flight hours for piston engines. This means jet engines are 117 times less likely to quit than reciprocating ones. According to the NTSB, there are somewhere between Read More

And Then There Was One

After buying 10 or so airplanes in my career, and “almost” buying numerous others, I know I need help when I am about to fill a hangar. One previous purchase catastrophe, one close to that, and a couple of lucky ones have taught me that I don’t know what I don’t know about buying airplanes. Read More