January 2019

A New Year

Happy New Year!  2018 will always remain special to me, as it was the year I joined this publication. Over the past year, I have expressed to numerous people this is the dream job that I did not realize I wanted. I am fortunate for the experiences and people in my life that led me Read More

Air Mail

In Response to David Miller’s “Scoreboard” (November) Your articles are always interesting but you drove home a very good lesson with the one on monitoring the scoreboard.   Our instructors TELL us to pay attention to this but like most pilots new to the G1000, so much is going on that it is often overwhelming Read More

What Does it Mean to Be a “Safe Pilot?”

Throughout the history of powered flight, humans attempted to balance safety while stretching to improve the performance and mechanical limitations of the machine. Some of the biggest feats and leaps in technological achievement came with a big dose of risk. Certainly, aviation’s safety record has progressively improved over the last 100 years. Today, we have Read More

A Hair’s Breadth

Many pilots don’t realize that an aircraft certificated for flight in icing conditions (sometimes called Flight in Icing Conditions, or FIKI, or simply “known ice” certification) are not designed, safe or legal to operate with impunity in all icing conditions. If the rate of ice accumulation is too great even “known ice” airplanes are not Read More

Our First Look at the HondaJet Elite

Honda Aircraft extends range and performance with its latest model. The HondaJet, certified in December 2015, has undergone its first upgrade – referred to as the Elite. After selling 92 of the first model, Honda Aircraft, under the leadership of CEO and President Michimasa Fujino, has released this new version with increased performance, additional range, upgraded Read More

Innovative Jet Ownership

Startup company “Jet It” is not your typical fractional. Founded by aviators for aviators, Jet It seeks to alleviate the expenses related to jet ownership by allowing as little as two and up to 10 owners to collectively purchase and utilize a new HondaJet from its developing fleet. The ability to share the acquisition and Read More

The Next Phase in Airborne Connectivity

Gogo’s latest AVANCE systems quick to be adopted across business aircraft. What began as Aircell in 1991, Gogo has grown into a household name for airline passengers and business aircraft operators alike. Utilizing a network of cell towers, primarily in the continental United States, Alaska and parts of Canada, users can call, text, email, and Read More

Listen to Your Body

It is every pilot’s worst nightmare to lose their medical certificate. Outside of achieving ratings, a valid medical is the gatekeeper for a flying career. And rightfully so with regard to the safety of flight, but it also a privilege to hold one from a life wellness standpoint. From personal experience, I lost mine after undergoing Read More

Five on the Fly: Don Sumple

WHO: Don Sumple POSITION: Executive Director, Angel Flight Central HOMEBASE: Kansas City, MO     1. Can you summarize the mission of Angel Flight Central (AFC)?  Angel Flight Central serves people in need by arranging charitable flights for health care or other humanitarian purposes with the help of volunteer pilots. Angel Flight Central serves 10 states Read More

The Makings of a Good Captain

One of the benefits of the professional pilot contract flying I do is that I occasionally fly as Second in Command (SIC) with a wide variety of other pilots as the Pilot in Command or Captain. They come from diverse aviation backgrounds with most (but not all) having more than my 11,000 hours of flight Read More

Debrief: Errors of omission and commission: Remembering lessons learned

“A stood for altimeter. It told how high a man flew. B stood for boost. It told the power in the engines. C stood for compass. It told in which direction a man was proceeding. It was delightfully simple.” – Ernest K. Gann, Island in the Sky.   An error of omission is not doing something Read More

Flying with a Mentor

Many Twin & Turbine readers have come up through the ranks as masters of their own destiny. By that, I mean flying single pilot. Whether it be in a Cirrus, TBM, Baron, or King Air, many of the airplanes we fly are designed to be flown by one person. And, other than a BFR or Read More