February 2021

New Year, New Search

My husband Jared and I have been pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the number of readers who have reached out to provide well wishes, personal experiences and advice since we announced the search for our first aircraft this past September. Following our most recent update after a failed offer on a Mooney (see “Almost First Read More


In Response to Kevin Ware’s “Under Pressure” (November)  I enjoyed your article this month on pressurization. I just bought my first pressurized aircraft, a P337H Skymaster. I found your comment humorous, “I am routinely told flying piston twins without full pressurization is somewhat common in the industry” – as all I’ve ever flown for 25 Read More

Cockpit Mounts and Accessories

MYGOFLIGHT Sport Mount. During the November 2010 AOPA Conference in Long Beach, California, you may have seen three guys roaming the convention center by the Internet kiosks or vendor booths. If they saw you holding an iPad, they likely approached to showcase their single product – an aluminum iPad case. If there was interest, they Read More

Dangerous Rudder

Traditional oral exams begin with a cavalcade of numbers. The multitude of airspeeds, weights and operating restrictions that are regurgitated inevitably succumb to mist within a week (humans are horrible at remembering arbitrary numbers). Fortunately, most of the important stuff is depicted by color-coding on gauges. Everyone knows that red represents a restriction, yellow indicates Read More

Electric Future
Clean, Quiet & Powerful Propulsion

While we typically look to our favorite longtime OEMs and service organizations for the latest and greatest in new aircraft and STC’s, other notable happenings are percolating in aircraft development that can easily be overlooked. Among these game-changing developments are electric propulsion systems. Many companies are currently working on designing, manufacturing and implementing hybrid electric, Read More

IS&S Autothrottle System for PC-12s and King Airs

Okay, so you’ve lined your twin up for takeoff, advance the throttles, V1, V2, rotate, and just after you’ve stowed the gear, the left engine gives up. As you try to “rub your head and pat your tummy,” you reactively do your best to control the airplane and keep it flying. But, in your attempt Read More

The story of a go-around at DCA

Litany: noun, plural litanies. A prolonged account: a list, catalog, enumeration. It’s ten-past midnight at the end of a 14-hour day. You’re flying an ILS; the weather is 300/1. Winds at 3,000 feet on final show a 40-knot tailwind. It’s reported at the surface as a direct cross at 20 knots. The runway is wet, Read More

Mustang to Mustang

by Bryan Currier, Owner-Pilot In 2001, I had a first officer offer letter in hand and engaged to the most beautiful girl in the world. We were set to get married in September, and I’d start my new job as an F.O. in November.  Of course, on September 11, the whole world changed – especially Read More

What Good Looks Like:
Part II

Last month, we met Neil Singer, part of our CJP safety team. This month, we’ll have a chance to pick the brain of astronaut Charlie Precourt, chairman of the CJPSafety Committee.  Charlie is a four-time space shuttle guy, commanding two missions. Currently flying a CJ1+, he is a board member of EAA and NBAA and Read More