February 2018

Editor’s Briefing: 2018: The Year of Flying with a Purpose

Feature Image Above: A recent Angel Flight mission accompanied by my daughter Abby (far right). How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? Among my aviation-related goals for 2018 were 1) develop a plan that will create discipline in keeping my flying current and sharp, and stick to it, 2) fly at least one charitable mission Read More

The Cirrus Vision Jet

The Cirrus Lifestyle Now Flies at Jet Speed Cirrus has certified the lowest cost and easiest-to-fly turbofan aircraft on the market. With a base price under $2 million and a cockpit that resembles that of its SR22 brethren, Cirrus hit the mark in creating the perfect step-up for its large piston aircraft install base. For Read More

Becoming a Jet Pilot

Getting your first jet type rating takes work, but with the right training, it’s more than attainable. With more than 1,000 hours behind the controls of King Airs, I’ve come to know and love “the King” over the past few years. It was the first turbine-powered airplane I got my hands on – achieving my ATP Read More

Unified Flying Theory

To unveil the elusive aeronautical “Theory of Everything,” strive to be an artist and a technician in your flying. I made my traditional Christmas Eve flight with my father-in-law Jerry, a non-pilot but lifelong motor sports enthusiast. The skies were clear and cool, although hazier than I expected (maybe 20 miles flight visibility, less than normal Read More

Five on the Fly

Above Featured Image: Carl Wolf (left) with James Lovell, commander of the Apollo 13 WHO: Carl Wolf, Garmin International Homebase: Olathe, KS POSITION: Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Aviation Business Segment RATINGS: ATP, single and multi-engine land HOURS:5,000+ If you’ve worked in the business aviation industry for a few decades, chances are you know Carl Wolf. With a work ethic and energy bordering Read More

Cracked Cylinders

  What previously was a smooth, aerodynamic engine cowl is now laying on the hangar’s concrete floor with various parts never intended for public viewing being exposed in all their tangled awkwardness for any passerby to see. Within this jumble of tubes, wires and other objects mounted on various odd-shaped brackets, there is a small Read More

Control Freaks

How to finesse the landing, sink the putt and regulate entropy in the universe  The phrase was first used in the 1970s, an era when the principle of “doing your own thing” and letting others do the same, was born. It’s a somewhat derogatory assessment of the way in which a “driven” person interacts with their universe Read More

En Route: MightySat Fingertip Oximeter Touts Medical Grade Technology

  Masimo, maker of pulse oximeters for hospital settings, has intro­duced its first consumer version of its technology. Intended for use in aviation and sports settings, the portable MightySat uses the same hospital-grade technology to provide a number of health parameters. As part of a pilot’s flight bag, the MightySat can be a useful tool Read More

On Final: More or Less

A few weeks ago, Patty and I were driving down the road. She reached over, gave me a big hug, and said “I love you just the way you are. More or less.” As I thought about her comment, I realized I had room for improvement. The same can be said about my flying skills. Many Read More