December 2019

In Honor of Dr. Dan

It has been difficult for me to sit down and write this month’s briefing, as I know typing these words will ultimately make everything more real. But I feel compelled to share a reality my husband and I recently experienced in the hope it will impact our readers in a positive way.   This past Read More

Banyan Air Service: 30 Safety Reminders

To keep safety at the forefront of our teammates' minds, we developed a "Safety message of the day" campaign. Our line service training manager wrote 30 one-sentence, daily email messages that are automatically generated and sent to line service, CSRs, and department managers. These 30 messages re-run each month, and managers discuss the messages daily in departmental Read More

A Calling to Make Aviation Safer: A conversation with Garmin’s Phil Straub

On Oct. 30, 2019, Garmin stunned the aviation industry with the announcement of Autoland, an autonomous technology that lands an aircraft without any human intervention. The revelation may result in a major reset in the expected standard for safety equipment in future general aviation aircraft.  In late August, prior to the public announcement, I sat Read More

Top Turboprop Series: Pre-Owned Meridian and JetPROP

Which is better, the JetPROP or the Piper Meridian? As an active instructor in the PA46 world, this proves to be one of the most debatable topics and one of the questions I hear most often.  I’ll first relate that they are singularly outstanding airplanes, and I really appreciate attributes in both. But there are Read More

Garmin Autoland: An inside look at general aviation’s latest revolutionary, break-through safety technology

It’s the scenario no pilot wants to imagine: A medical emergency that renders him or her incapacitated, leaving passengers helpless, panicked and facing an unthinkable outcome. But Garmin has changed the calculus on such an event. With its revolutionary Autoland system, the aircraft will navigate to the closest, suitable airport, select the most appropriate runway Read More

Five on the Fly: Bailey Scheel

WHO: Bailey Scheel COMPANY: Garmin International POSITION: Senior Programs Manager & Systems Engineer, Aviation Systems & Programs HOMEBASE: Olathe, KS RATINGS: Private Pilot 1) What led you to pursue a career in engineering in the aviation sector? I grew up flying with my grandfather in the backcountry of Idaho, Washington and Oregon in his Cessna 180 – Read More

Cirrus Safe Return: Cirrus to follow Piper as first to implement Garmin Autoland

The recent announcement by Garmin regarding their revolutionary automatic land capability is excellent news for the industry. And Cirrus Aircraft joins Piper Aircraft as the first of the general aviation manufacturers to introduce the system in a production airplane. The company will implement its Safe Return Emergency Autoland System in the 2020 Vision Jet. The automatic Read More

Learning the Differences

The challenge is figuring what is unique or different about a new-to-you airplane, then applying that information in some practical fashion.” One of the companies I fly for recently acquired a Gulfstream 150, and over the past several months, our pilot group (mostly accustomed to flying lighter Learjets and Citations) has been getting checked out Read More

En Route: Epic Aircraft’s E1000 Completes Certification

Above photo courtesy of Epic Aircraft. What started out as an innovative experimental single-engine turbo-prop in 2005 is now the newest certified turboprop, the Epic Aircraft E1000. After a seven-year effort to certify their aircraft, Epic has achieved a great milestone. Epic CEO Doug King stated they wanted to achieve a high-performance turboprop without compromises, and Read More

En Route: Pilatus Unveils the PC-12 NGX

Photos Courtesy of Pilatus Aircraft Standing next to an airplane shrouded in black fabric, we eagerly await to see what hides underneath the cloth. Editor Rebecca Groom Jacobs and I are attending the debut of the newest Pilatus at Henderson Executive Airport during NBAA in Las Vegas.  Markus Bucher, CEO of Pilatus Aircraft, stands at Read More

En Route: New Online Garmin GTN 650/750 Course

King Schools has released a new interactive online course dedicated to “Flying the Garmin GTN 650/750.” The course is meant for pilots who are new to the GTN navigators or in need of a refresher. The course features both VFR and IFR teachings, with more than six hours of video that can be taken either Read More

En Route: SRS Introduces Onboard Coffee Brewer

During NBAA in October, SRS Aviation displayed its new onboard coffee maker, Jet Java. The product was recently TSO-certified for all fixed-wing aircraft and is approved for either a cabin or galley install.  “This is a new product to the market and new technology,” said Dave Laurin, president of SRS Aviation. “We’re the only TSO Read More

Twelve Days of Christmas: Review these 2019 articles if you dare

Theologians posit that the classic song by Frederic Austin was written to help Christians learn and pass on the tenets of their faith while avoiding persecution. We can all recite the lyrics from twelve down, but notice how difficult it becomes when reading from the bottom up: a partridge in a pear tree, two turtle Read More

Irrational Behavior

I believe I am stricken with a virus known in medical circles as “irrationalis behaviorus.” It is characterized by expressions of emotions such as crying hysterically and maintaining unrealistic expectations. The most severe cases of the virus are found in aircraft owners.  Or, in my case, former aircraft owners. You may recall that I sold my Read More