December 2017

Editor’s Briefing: A Passion That’s Not Aviation

If you are like 99 percent of aviation families I know, not everyone in your family embraces aviation the way you do. You may eat, sleep and breathe flying and if you’re lucky, some in your clan may join in your obsession. I feel incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by family members who are pilots: Read More

Howard 500

For the first time since it had arrived at Oshkosh AirVenture 2017, the big blue-and-silver beauty was not surround by throngs of gawkers. Only curious stragglers, captivated by the machine, wondered aloud what it was. Upon learning it was a Howard 500, most assumed that Howard Hughes, Hughes Aircraft, or the Howard Aircraft Company (builders Read More

Jet Journal: Textron Aviation Unveils Turn-Key Maintenance Program

Ideal for owner-pilots or small operators. Textron Aviation has introduced a new maintenance solution tailored for the owner-pilot of Cessna Citation, Beechcraft King Air and Cessna Caravan aircraft. Called ProMaintenance, the turnkey program covers the complete maintenance spectrum, including management of scheduled, unscheduled and aircraft on ground (AOG) maintenance events. “Designed to alleviate any additional Read More

Jet Journal: I See the Traffic And Its Wake

Wake turbulence can be dangerous at any altitude or phase of flight. Know how to visualize its location – and what to do if you find yourself in an upset. There’s an Alert Area over my home airport on the northeast side of Wichita, Kansas. There are no restrictions to civilian IFR or VFR flight Read More

From the Flight Deck: One Foggy Night

Managing low-visibility procedures like Santa. Once upon a Christmas Eve flurry, RVR’s were squat; reporting six, four and blurry. “Our Christmas hustle must go on without pause; we can’t wait for the weather,” exclaimed Mrs. Claus. Santa’s retort, was precise and quite short: “I work like a dog, when there’s snow or thick fog. Any Read More

Five on the Fly

Some of the volunteer members of the PALS Sky Hope disaster relief team assembled during the recent efforts following Hurricane Harvey. WHO: Robin Eissler WHERE: Georgetown, Texas POSITION: COO of jetAVIVA CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Founder and Program Director PALS Sky Hope Disaster Relief Program Private Pilot 1. You’ve been in aircraft sales for more than 20 years. Can Read More

General Aviation Answers the Call

Earlier this year, in a matter of just four weeks, three record-breaking hurricanes pummeled the United States and Caribbean. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced, cut from power sources and left with unrecognizable homes and neighborhoods. Conditions in some areas were referred to as “apocalyptic.” As the world watched these disasters unfold from afar, Read More

Seeing into the Future

Radar reveals only what a storm is. Vertical Profile reveals what it will soon be. Instantly after radar engineers discovered how to convert millevolts, ohms and dBs into digital code, they begin adding dozens of high-tech features to airborne radars. The digital revolution brought on such things as color displays, turbulence detection, auto tilt, extended Read More

En Route: Nextant Certifies the King Air G90XT

Nextant Aerospace recently announced that the Beechcraft King Air G90XT certification effort is now complete. “When we launched the G90XT program, we had an opportunity to be the first company to deliver on the full potential of this great airframe by providing technology that operators have been waiting years for,” stated Nextant executive Jay Heublein. Read More

On Final: Limitations

Sitting at an elevation of 4,830 ft, the runway at Sedona, Ariz., has a 1.83 percent slope, which requires careful consideration to ensure adequate runway is available for given aircraft weight and weather. In junior high, I used to walk to school every day. It was uphill both ways. At least so I thought. When Read More