August 2020

Good Time to Buy/Sell?

For a few months now I have heard the same hopeful sentiment repeated from folks all across business and general aviation – “GA will see a jump in sales thanks to COVID and the increased interest in private travel.” Heck, I have been saying (or hoping) it, too. It makes sense. Undoubtedly, more people and Read More

“The World Turned Upside Down”

In many ways it feels like we’ve been living the words from the popular musical “Hamilton” in Act 1. According to legend, which is further propagated in the Broadway production, the British army band played an English ballad entitled “The World Turned Upside Down” during their retreat at Yorktown in 1781.  The siege of 2020, Read More

Piston Power Series: Cessna 421C vs. King Air C90

Let’s say you’ve got a family of six, and the kids are barely kids anymore. You used to be able to haul everyone around in a Piper Malibu, a Cessna 210 or a Cherokee 6, but the kids keep growing and waists keeps growing. Suffice it to say that your family is not what it Read More

LOW AND FAST: the World of Agricultural Aviation

Photo Courtesy of Air Tractor According to the most recent survey by the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA), there are approximately 3,500 agricultural pilots and 1,560 aerial application operations throughout the United States. Though a lesser-known side of aviation, the small businesses and pilots making up the industry play a vital role in helping farmers Read More

Five on the Fly: National Agricultural Aviation Association CEO Andrew Moore

WHO: Andrew Moore COMPANY:National Agricultural Aviation Association POSITION:CEO 1. Why is agricultural aviation important to everyone, including those who don’t live on a farm or have interests in agriculture? Each year, 127 million acres of cropland are treated aerially, or 28 percent of the total cropland acres. This includes corn used for food and ethanol, cotton Read More

CitationMax: Flying Viewers into the Citation Jet Age

If you’ve ever wondered how a 25-year-old guy can go from earning his PPL at 18 to becoming an ATP-rated, professional pilot in the left seat of a brand-new Cessna CJ3+ in only seven years, you need to tune into the CitationMax YouTube channel. It’s a pretty easy assumption that when people first meet Max Read More

How a Water Guy Takes to Air

J. Wickham “Wick” Zimmerman has been flying for more than 30 years. His childhood dream was to get his pilot’s license and move to the beach to fly a banner plane up and down the shore all day advertising drink specials and beer. Unfortunately, that dream got put on hold when he realized the costs Read More

To Err is Human …Unless You’re a Pilot

err/er,ər/  verbbe mistaken or incorrect;to make a mistake “We got your prime pilots that get all the hot planes, and we gotyour pudknockers who dream of getting the hot planes…see, somepeckerwood’s gotta get the thing up and some peckerwood has gotta land the son of a bit**. And that peckerwood is called ‘a pilot.’”–Pancho Barnes, Read More

How Much Stress is Enough?

“I will have to shut down the GPU for a few minutes,” yelled the line guy on the Signature ramp. Darkness and heavy mist hung in the early morning at Dallas Love Field (KDAL). “Why?” I responded. “We just detected a lightning strike west of the airport and everything has to shut down,” he replied. Read More