August 2018

Like Father, Like Daughter(s)

I feel it is necessary early on in this role to further introduce my father Randy Groom, who’s insights and support has been invaluable to me throughout my young career. He is ultimately the reason that both my sister and I entered the general aviation industry, and someone we both continue to turn to for counsel Read More

A Letter Answered

Earlier this spring, I got wind of a remarkable letter that Cessna had received from a recently retired employee from the company’s Independence, Kansas manufacturing plant. As you may know, Cessna built the facility adjacent to the Independence Municipal Airport (KIDP) when it restarted production of its single-engine piston aircraft following the passage of the Read More

Quest Introduces Kodiak Series II

The latest derivative of the utility turboprop offers a sizeable list of technical improvements. Throughout my career in aviation, I’ve been fortunate to pilot a great spectrum of aircraft, both civilian and military. But if I had a “home,” in this industry, it would be in the single-engine turbine market. I’m most notably an instructor Read More

The Speed of Stupid

 For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. – Newton’s Third Law During my time as a professional pilot, I was amazed how frequently Newton’s third law of physics was proven. And just how often Newton’s “ghost” revealed itself in the aviation world. I found that the compound effect of that particular theory mixed Read More

Five on the Fly: Randy Groom

WHO: Randy Groom POSITION: Founder and President, Groom Aviation Former President, Beechcraft Former Executive Vice President, Piper Aircraft HOMEBASE: Vero Beach, FL RATINGS: Commercial Instrument Single/Multi Land & Sea King Air 300/350/1900 Type Rating HOURS: 11,000 1. Throughout your career, you’ve had a front-row seat to many of general aviation’s dramatic changes, consolidations and significant downturns over the Read More

Stability, Steep Turns & Spirals

The recent, fatal crash of a vintage military trainer provides valuable lessons for pilots of twin and turbine airplanes as well. The NTSB reports: …a North American SNJ-5 airplane impacted terrain following a loss of control during initial climb after takeoff from runway 13R at Kingsville Naval Air Station (NQI), Kingsville, Texas. The pilot and Read More

The Currency Conundrum

It was a hot and dry day near the banks of the Columbia River in Eastern Washington. The lawn sprinklers were creating a distracting fine mist with mini-rainbows as I made an approach to the helicopter’s designated grass landing area. I had another pilot onboard and a group of field workers also watching, so I Read More

Sunday Drivers

When others won’t play by our rules: radio, runway and ramp rage Sunday Driver – one who drives slowly, infrequently and in an inexperienced or unskillful way – like one who is out for a leisurely Sunday drive. After qualifying for a concealed pistol license (CPL), I purchased a legal plan and liability policy designed Read More

To Stop or Not To Stop

The following recent, fairly long trip in the Mustang nicely illustrates just how many different factors come into play when flight planning. A group of Citation owners including myself were invited to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles (KIAD) for tours and meetings. To top it off, we would walk alongside the space shuttle Read More


In Response to Thomas Turner’s “On a Swivel” In Thomas P. Turner’s article in the June issue, he states that in order to be detected by TCAS or TCAD a transponder-equipped target (a Cessna 150 in his example) must be “in radar contact with ATC” and that “even if the aircraft had a transponder, the Read More