August 2017

Rough Year, But We’re Still the Lucky Ones

Last month, I was sitting with a group of aviation-centric friends talking about the state of affairs in our slice of the world above FL00. The conversation evolved (or devolved?) into a hilariously cynical version of the word association game, the one where a person says a word and the rest quickly say the word Read More

Kudos to Archie

After finishing the excellent article on the hazards of thunderstorms and limitations of radar in the June issue (“The Long Tentacles of a Thunderstorm”), I realized that it had been written by Archie Trammell, the world’s top guru on the subject. I used to write articles for Archie when he was editor of Business & Read More

A Snort-worthy Column

I don’t normally write fan mail (no pun intended), but now I’ve had to write both you and Dingman as a result of the same issue of Twin & Turbine. (Learning to Fly Again, April 2017) I’m laughing out loud as a result of your article. I started pretty close to the beginning. By the end Read More

NEXRAD vs. Radar

The article “Look Up, Look Down…Look Out” in the July issue implies the radar image has identified a storm not seen by NEXRAD. Cells cannot explode from near nothing to severe levels within four minutes. If so, no radar of any type would be of help. (NEXRAD images are produced every four minutes in Storm Read More

Three Decades Later, the CitationJet Family Still Flying High

Cessna delivers the 2,000th CJ, evolving the popular entry-level jet with new technology and improvements The famous English bard William Shakespeare once wrote, “No legacy is so rich as honesty.” The rich legacy of the most popular light jet series ever built – the CitationJet – is among one of the great success stories in Read More

Meet My New Citation CJ3+

The inside story of watching the 2,000th CitationJet coming to life I didn’t start out knowing that I would be the owner of the 2,000th CitationJet produced when I decided to buy my next plane, but that’s what happened. More on that later. When I started flying in 2001, I had absolutely no idea the impact Read More


A discussion on radar beam geometry Even though spring thunderstorms are behind us this year, keeping your radar skills sharp is important all year-round. You never know when convective activity might pop up around you. In last month’s issue, I described a basic approach on how to use your onboard airborne radar system to look Read More

Jet Journal: Five on the Fly

WHO: Andrew Broom WHERE: Greensboro, North Carolina POSITION: Executive Director of the Citation Jet Pilots Owner Pilot Association CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Senior Marketing and Communications Roles at Honda Aircraft Company, AOPA, Hawker Beechcraft, Eclipse and GAMA 1. Can you tell us how the Citation Jet Pilots Owner Pilot Association (CJP) got started? CJP formed nine years Read More

Rule of 10’s

Try this technique to maintain precise control when hand-flying an approach. Flying an accurate instrument approach is an exercise in precision. Whether flying an ILS or a nonprecision approach, it takes tight control of aircraft pitch and heading to arrive at the Missed Approach Point (MAP) in a position to land if the runway is Read More

Altered States

Flying the redeye without reverting into a Neanderthal Fa • tigue: / fuh-teeg / Noun 1a Extreme tiredness; typically resulting from mental or physical exertion, sleep deprivation or illness. Known to cause irritability, poor judgement and blabbering like a caveman. The first time I flew while tired (the word fatigue wasn’t in vogue at the Read More

Jeppesen and ForeFlight Join Up

Jeppesen and ForeFlight have joined forces to combine their capabilities and worldwide content. Starting this summer, ForeFlight subscribers will see Jeppesen global navigational, terrain and obstacle data in ForeFlight Mobile. ForeFlight subscribers on individual plans will be able to link their Jeppesen license in ForeFlight Mobile and purchase standard worldwide Jeppesen charts for use inside Read More

On Final: Meet November 4-1-6 Delta Mike

Buying a new car can be a wonderful experience. After you get over writing the check, that is. An undeniable new vehicle smell permeates the interior. The slick paint glistens under rows of hot white lights in the showroom. And if that new vehicle is an airplane, you can multiply the sensations by 10. Such Read More