April 2020

Hangar Community

The word “hangar” can conjure many different meanings to different people – storage, workplace, hangout, shelter, man cave, retreat – or in some cases – home. It’s amazing the multiple titles and sentiments that can be applied to this one simple structure. But, of course, we all know it is what is inside and around Read More


In Response to Kevin Ware’s “Turning Professional” (February) Just a quick thanks for sharing your career path story in the latest T &T. I’m happy for you that you’ve ended up engaged in a career you enjoy and beyond that share your experiences with us monthly in Twin & Turbine. I’ve wanted to write before Read More

Therapy for Trying Times

As I write this, we are living in unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has swept through the world and is picking up momentum in the United States. It has not only changed how we travel and fly, but how we live our every day lives. As the majority of us attempt to isolate ourselves, some Read More

Barely VMC

Q: What's the deadliest category of general aviation accidents? A: Attempted visual flight into Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). According to AOPA’s Air Safety Institute, when a “VFR into IMC” crash occurs, it is almost always fatal. Q: Who's at risk of a Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flight into IMC? A: Experienced, often high-time pilots, in Read More

Hangar Tech: Companies Connecting Owners to Their Hangars

Today, the term “smart home” is not uncommon. More and more, homeowners can simply use mobile apps to control home features such as garage doors, lighting, entertainment systems, doorbells, security cameras, appliances and more. The benefits of such technology include safety, accessibility, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and convenience. Maybe you have integrated such smart products throughout Read More

Five on the Fly: Morgan Walker

WHO: Morgan Walker COMPANY: HangarBot POSITION: Founder HOMEBASE: Los Angeles RATINGS: Private Pilot HOURS: 250   1) What inspired you to create HangarBot? HangarBot was created as a solution-based product to automate the needs of general aviators. Our mission is to usher the aviation industry into a more modern, convenient and connected era. The first Read More

The Joy Behind Charitable Flying: As told by volunteer pilots of Angel Flight West.

Most “heavy metal” owners and pilots who, like us, read Twin & Turbine Magazine are well-aware of the business-related benefits and other advantages of general aviation. Tax benefits, flying on our own schedules, the ability to transport colleagues or an entire team, are just some of them. As an attorney with a state-wide employment law Read More

Increase Your Plane’s Value in Today’s Marketplace

A few thousand dollars spent now can be the difference between the right price and no sale at all. It’s no surprise that the aircraft sales industry is a highly dynamic and cyclical marketplace. At any given point, one model market can be “on fire” at the same time another market is completely dead. This Read More

Don’t Quote Me: Pilots and Ballplayers

Flying may often require a modicum of depth perception and occasional Jedi-like reflexes and hand-eye coordination, but usually it’s 90 percent mental; the other half is physical. Some mountain-moving strength might be needed in getting the airplane out of the hangar and into starting position, but once in flight, there would have to be ugly Read More

Jet or Turboprop: Which is Easier to Fly?

It sounds like a pretty easy question, right? Maybe not. The answer depends on when your airplane was designed. The newer the certification, the more integrated the airplane. The Citation Mustang, a 2006 design, has about 50 switches, levers and toggles to manipulate. The King Air C90 has more than 90. The latest single-engine turbine Read More