April 2019

$100 Hamburger

Putting a finger on what exactly is “the best part” of aviation is difficult. But there is one unsuspecting activity I will always appreciate as it combines several of my favorite things (i.e. airplanes, outdoors, food) and is one of the simplest joys: the $100 Hamburger.  It’s not the “burger” itself that I love (although Read More


In Response to Kevin Ware’s “A Medical Look at Hypoxia” (December) You may recall that after your recent article on hypoxia in Twin & Turbine I contacted you for your recommendations on an appropriate cylinder for my JetProp. Subsequently, I ordered a 9-cubic foot M size cylinder, regulator and carrying case for $168 (a mustache Read More

Avoiding the Strike

“It came out of nowhere.” If you have every experienced a bird strike or know someone who has, these words might sound familiar. I admit that I uttered them myself recently when a crow-sized bird smacked against my windscreen shortly after I rotated on takeoff. Thankfully, the size of the bird resulted in my plane Read More

Great Getaways: Lajitas Golf Resort

Photos Courtesy of Lajitas Golf Resort Any golfers in the audience? Black Jack’s Crossing in Lajitas, Texas consistently ranks as one of the best golf courses in Texas by Golfweek, the Dallas Morning News and Golf Magazine. The course is located at Lajitas Golf Resort, an all-inclusive resort offering a wide array of activities, dining Read More

Behind the Phones of an MRO Facility

Photos Courtesy of Duncan Aviation Airplanes are expensive. Most of us do all we can to reduce that expense, but despite our best wishes – and often in the face of meticulous preventative care – eventually something is going to malfunction. When it does, we turn to the experts at Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Read More

Our First Look at the G2 Vision Jet

Photos Courtesy of Cirrus Aircraft When you are the only company to offer a single-engine jet in the general aviation industry, what do you do for an encore? You make it go higher, fly farther, be quieter and instill the latest and greatest technology. Cirrus Aircraft achieved each of these in the release of its Read More

Five on the Fly: Todd Simmons

WHO: Todd Simmons POSITION: President of Customer Experience, Cirrus Aircraft HOMEBASE: Knoxville, TN (KTYS) RATINGS: Private, Instrument, Vision Jet SF50 Type Rating, Glider Rating FLIGHT HOURS: 2,300 1. Can you describe your current role at Cirrus Aircraft and what “customer experience” entails? Customer experience describes all of the touch points for our customers – or as Read More

A Pilot’s Guide to a Successful Aircraft Partnership

Whether it’s cars, clothes or workspace, consumers are finding new ways to lower costs every day in today’s sharing economy. While collaborating resources can certainly lower the bills, not everything may be worth sharing – but what about your aircraft? Over time, owner-operators have experimented with a variety of sharing options, from traditional partnerships to Read More

ForeFlight Releases New 3D Features

If you are already a fan of utilizing synthetic vision with ForeFlight Mobile, then you will really enjoy the latest feature released in version 11.0.1. With their top-of-the-line subscription, Performance Plus, Foreflight has included high-resolution 3D aerial views which combine visual imagery with Jeppesen terrain data. You can examine virtually any airport – from the Read More

Small Mistakes

Pilots are an odd group of people. They tend to be perfectionists who have an element of obsessive-compulsive behavior, and hate making mistakes, even very small ones. No matter how hard they try, most pilots rarely achieve a “perfect” flight where everything mechanically and performance-wise is flawless.  I suffer from this malady. So much so Read More

The Tempestuous Troposphere: Turbulence Facts, Fiction and Fairy Tales

Many nursery rhymes express fear, suffering and disaster. Ring Around the Rosie was about the bubonic plague; Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater couldn’t keep his wife, so he imprisoned her; a farmer’s wife amputated the tails of three visually impaired mice and the parenting techniques of The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe would today Read More

My Father’s Son

Have you ever heard someone say, “He or she is just a natural pilot – it must be in their blood?” That has never been said about me. Instead, they say, “Have you always been funny?” I have the ability to make people laugh. Almost universally, the first thing that someone asks my wife Patty Read More