April 2018

Editors Briefing: A Reckoning With Risk

Last week, my husband and I took our annual flying getaway to the Out Islands of the Bahamas. The trip one-way is approximately 1,400 nm between our home airport in Kansas City, ending at an island 350 nm southeast from the coast of Florida. It’s a route we know pretty well. For the return trip Read More

Garmin G1000 NXi

For King Air owners considering a flight deck upgrade, the G1000 NXi delivers on all accounts. Early last year, Garmin announced the heir to the G1000, which is the long-running king of the integrated flight decks in general aviation. While at first glance the changes may appear subtle, the G1000 NXi boasts powerful performance, new Read More


Veterans Airlift Command I devour Twin & Turbine each month and thank you for the fine publication. I’m also an active member of MMOPA and fly a P46T (jetPROP). Reading about your Angle Flight missions reminded me of many of my Veterans Airlift Command missions. In case you are not aware, VAC provides free air Read More

Retrofit Revolution

Thanks to investment by avionics manufacturers, there are a plethora of new advanced autopilots that bring safety features and capabilities to older generation aircraft.  It’s all about to change. The future for general aviation, and especially for those that operate twin and turbine airplanes, is super bright. There are many reasons for my optimism: One Read More

Getting the Most Out of Your PT6A

The turbine engine is the single most expensive component on an airplane. Here’s how to best manage and minimize maintenance. Now found in more than 70 aircraft models, the PT6A engine family is a powerhouse among the turboprop world – and with good reason. With versions varying from 500-1,700 shaft horsepower, the engine has proven to Read More

Jet Journal: Higher Minimums

Professional flying is nearly always an extremely relaxed, highly controlled and almost boring affair. When you depart, under what conditions, where you are going, and by what routing is often entirely under the control of a complex set of rules and a team of experts, of which you are only one. You certainly feel professionally Read More

Five on the Fly: Rob Wells

Above Featured Image: Brazilian Kodiak dealer Jim Cable pictured with Rob Wells. WHO: Rob Wells  Homebase: Sandpoint, Idaho / Seattle, WA POSITION: CEO of  Quest Aircraft RATINGS:  ATP with multiple turboprop (including Starship!) and jet type ratings HOURS: 8,000+ 1. You have dedicated more than four decades to business aviation. What aspects about the industry have you Read More

Incursion: Runway hold-short lines, surface movement areas & pilot deviations

You are on short final when tower directs a go-around. Maybe it is day VMC and you see the airplane, ground vehicle or creature that tower is worried about. Maybe they see a formation of geese or some deer headed toward your runway. Perhaps there’s a taxiing aircraft that is not responding to a hold-short Read More

NBAA Focus: GA Community Rallies to Strike Down ATC Privatization

Following years of  vigorous debate, NBAA was pleased to see ATC privatization language recently strick-en from congressional legis-lation for a long-term Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funding and programs. On Feb. 27, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-9-PA) announced he would set aside the proposal in his bill (H.R. 2997) for removing oversight Read More

NBAA Focus: NBAA Identifies Top Safety Focus Areas for 2018

NBAA recently released its annual list of Top Safety Focus Areas, topics identified by the NBAA Safety Committee as primary risk-mitigation targets for all business aircraft operators. The 2018 NBAA Top Safety Focus Areas are: Loss of Control Inflight (LOC-I)  Runway Excursions Single-Pilot Operation Safety Procedural Compliance Ground Handling and Taxi Incidents Distraction Management Scenario-and Read More

NBAA Focus: Operators Urged to Take Closer Look at Teterboro, Henderson Executive SID Procedures

It’s been nearly four years since the FAA first implemented “climb via” phraseology intended to simplify assignment of SID and RNAV SID procedures with speed and altitude restrictions. Persistent issues with those clearances at two busy airports utilized by business aircraft operators recently spurred actions to remind pilots of the correct procedures. At New Jersey’s Read More

NBAA Focus: FXE Is First GA Airport to Introduce Automated Passport Control Kiosks

Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) recently become the first general aviation (GA) airport in the United States to introduce automated passport control (APC) self-service kiosks at the airport’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility to help expedite travel for international travelers.  With the use of the kiosks, travelers will no longer be required to Read More

NBAA Focus: NBAA Scholarship Award Truly a Life-Changing Event

The NBAA Charities scholarship program helps support expanding careers within our industry, often leading recipients down new career paths where possibilities for advancement and new opportunities await. Sometimes, they can mean even more. When Aleesa (Kurtz) Radoncic, aircraft operations and logistics manager at Orbis International, received a $10,000 Schedulers & Dispatchers (S&D) Training Scholarship in Read More

En Route: JSSI Founder Launches Engine Program for Piston Aircraft

 In the jet aircraft world, owners typically rely on engine service programs to manage the risk of costly unplanned expenses. Yet owners of piston aircraft had no similar protection available. A new company has launched an engine maintenance program focused specifically on the piston market. Called PistonPower, the new program covers both scheduled and unscheduled Read More

On Final: That’s What Friends Are For

Lee Goggin never met a stranger. At well over 6 feet tall, with piercing eyes and absolutely no hair, Lee greeted each member at my local gym with a smile and often an amusing comment about their conditioning. Lee was a fitness trainer at Sweat Dallas where I struggle to keep fit. But Lee’s struggles Read More