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How Sharp is Your  Airmanship Sword?

How Sharp is Your Airmanship Sword?

What piloting skill is the most perishable? When I’ve had a lapse in flying as I did recently following my hip surgery, I tend to focus on my instrument procedure skills. More specifically, I prioritize my ability to execute an instrument approach with zero errors and within commercial standards as a key benchmark of my Read More

Return to Service Checklist

Getting back in the saddle following an extended break. A few years ago, I began experiencing discomfort in my hips while running. I was training for a half-marathon – my favorite distance race – and was struggling through my weekly mileage goals. Thinking it was a pulled or overworked muscle, I treated it with heat/cold packs, Read More

What Does it Mean to Be a “Safe Pilot?”

Throughout the history of powered flight, humans attempted to balance safety while stretching to improve the performance and mechanical limitations of the machine. Some of the biggest feats and leaps in technological achievement came with a big dose of risk. Certainly, aviation’s safety record has progressively improved over the last 100 years. Today, we have Read More

A Rough Ride

In early November, my husband and I had traveled to Pensacola, Fla., to celebrate our daughter’s completion of a phase of her pilot training at the Naval Air Station and catch the Blue Angels final performance of 2018. After a memorable few days, we turned our attention to the flight home to Kansas City. As Read More

In the Aftermath of a Hurricane, General Aviation Delivers Hope

In the Aftermath of a Hurricane, General Aviation Delivers Hope

Ken Malvey’s TBM 850 arrives at Lumberton, NC with supplies. Operation Airdrop leverages its grass-roots network of GA pilots to solve “week one” problems after a natural disaster. A plane, a pilot’s license, fuel and a willingness to drop everything to help people desperately in need. That was the genesis for one of the most Read More