On Final

On Final: Just a Routine Departure

I’ll bet you have departed from your home base hundreds of times. And like me, you can probably recite the procedure from memory. At my airport, Dallas Addison (KADS) however, the routine can be demanding. Addison lies just north of busy Dallas Love (KDAL). Normal departure procedures off Rwy 15 include an immediate 100-degree left Read More

On Final: Limitations

On Final: Limitations

Sitting at an elevation of 4,830 ft, the runway at Sedona, Ariz., has a 1.83 percent slope, which requires careful consideration to ensure adequate runway is available for given aircraft weight and weather. In junior high, I used to walk to school every day. It was uphill both ways. At least so I thought. When Read More

So You Want to Buy an Airplane

Each time I buy an airplane (now on number 10) I get a little more organized. Perhaps you can learn from my successes and failures. Here’s some things you should consider. Who Are You Buying From? My experience with purchasing from the manufacturer (Textron in my case) on both new and used Citations has been Read More

When the Lights Went Out

“Want to fly with me to see the total eclipse?” The text from friend and M2 owner Larry King seemed simple enough. Since the viewing percentage in the Dallas area would be only 70 percent, why not take the airplane to a location where we could experience what many had not seen for nearly 100 Read More

Hot and Bothered

Summertime pre-flights can be a pain. By the time I am finished with all my chores on a 100-degree ramp, I am uncomfortably drenched in sweat. I tend to rush things hoping to get in the air sooner and to cooler temperatures. By contrast, a preflight on any summer morning in Gunnison, Colorado is delightful. Read More