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Flying with  a Mentor

Flying with a Mentor

Many Twin & Turbine readers have come up through the ranks as masters of their own destiny. By that, I mean flying single pilot. Whether it be in a Cirrus, TBM, Baron, or King Air, many of the airplanes we fly are designed to be flown by one person. And, other than a BFR or Read More

A Challenging Day at the Office

Let’s be honest. Most of us are pretty darn good at running a business. Or a law office. Or a medical practice. But we are all significantly challenged every time we get in an airplane. Especially when poor weather is involved along with a perceived “need to get there.” Such was the case on October Read More


What’s the most important item in the cockpit? If you said, “the pilot,” you are correct. But what about the second most important item? I suggest it’s not the autopilot, but instead, the “scoreboard.” That tiny, colorful box with all sorts of confusing acronyms situated directly in front of your vision. It’s so important because Read More

Stress Test

Hello sim tech, this is Dewaine, instructor in the M2 sim. We have all sorts of problems here. The simulator is frozen, airspeed is inoperative and we need a reset.” Such was the situation Larry King and I found ourselves in on day three of our recent recurrent in Wichita. Our planned 6 p.m. departure Read More

Left, Right or Straight Ahead

During thunderstorm season in the U.S., added considerations are required almost every flight. Such was the case in June as I departed with four passengers to Tampa, Florida. The flight down from ADS (Addison, Texas) was fairly routine as we deviated around several buildups along the Alabama and Florida coastlines. Arriving at KTPA (Tampa) however, Read More