On Final

On Final: The Quest

You may recall from a previous installment that I had to part company with my own, very personal jet. I am recovering, but slowly. My friend Larry King kindly offered to lease me his beautiful Citation M2, which I immediately accepted. That plan has worked pretty well. But I still have this irrational yearning to Read More

On Final: First Time Flyer

It doesn’t matter how many hours you have in your logbook. Or how many type ratings you have. The fact is, the first time you fly an airplane as the sole PIC  (Pilot In Cockpit) it is a new experience.  Being all alone “up front” on that first flight can be challenging, frustrating, and sometimes Read More

On Final: Thanks, Arnie

On Final: Thanks, Arnie

Do you remember where you were when you earned your pilot’s license? How about exactly where you were standing when you decided to become a pilot? I do. It was the Spring of 1965, on a Friday afternoon. I was in junior high school. Atwell Junior High in Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas. I Read More

En Route: Hartzell Engine Technologies Introduces New 60A Direct Drive Alternator for Continental Engines

New alternator provides dramatically improved efficiency, cut-in performance and increased output at engine idle speeds.  Mike Disbrow, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET), announced on June 29 that the company has introduced the ES-6024D, a new-generation 24V/60A direct-drive alternator created for six-cylinder Continental engines. “This new unit is based on the highly reliable, field proven Read More

Call this number for a possible pilot deviation

Eight words that can really ruin your day. In over 47 years of flying, I had never heard them. It’s not that I have never pushed the limits of the FAR’s. I just haven’t been caught doing it. And, while I often write this column with a fully-developed sense of humor, I take my flying Read More