On Final

Maintenance Issues

Maintenance Issues

“November three nine six delta mike, on departure turn left heading zero seven zero, cleared for takeoff runway one three left,” came the instruction from Dallas Love tower. I advanced the throttles of my C90A King Air to takeoff power. “Power set, two good engines, airspeed alive both sides,” I said to myself on the Read More

What Good Looks Like:
Part II

Last month, we met Neil Singer, part of our CJP safety team. This month, we’ll have a chance to pick the brain of astronaut Charlie Precourt, chairman of the CJPSafety Committee.  Charlie is a four-time space shuttle guy, commanding two missions. Currently flying a CJ1+, he is a board member of EAA and NBAA and Read More

What Good Looks Like

Several years ago, the Citation Jet Pilots Association’s safety committee came up with the idea to produce a series of videos depicting challenges that pilots face in the cockpit. Things like engine failures on takeoff in mountainous terrain, circling approaches and landing on contaminated runways. We mused that if we could show less than admirable Read More

Shirt Tails<br>Remembering Our First Solo Flight(s)

Shirt Tails
Remembering Our First Solo Flight(s)

Learn with your brain; Remember with your heart. Our pilot ranks have shrunk over the last four decades and the aviation alphabet groups (EAA, AOPA, GAMA, NBAA, etc.) have made a concerted effort to get more younglings interested in flying – and I’m all for it. How could we not assist in exposing future generations Read More


“Gunnison Crested Butte Regional Airport, automated weather observation one three zero seven Zulu, wind calm, visibility one zero, sky conditions 600 scattered, overcast 4,400, temperature one-two Celsius, dewpoint one-one Celsius, altimeter three zero four one, remarks, density altitude 8,400.” I listened to the automated Gunnison AWOS with more than usual interest as I drove from Read More