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CitationMax: Flying Viewers  into the Citation Jet Age

CitationMax: Flying Viewers into the Citation Jet Age

If you’ve ever wondered how a 25-year-old guy can go from earning his PPL at 18 to becoming an ATP-rated, professional pilot in the left seat of a brand-new Cessna CJ3+ in only seven years, you need to tune into the CitationMax YouTube channel. It’s a pretty easy assumption that when people first meet Max Read More

Lucky People

Over the past several months, the COVID-19 problem dramatically reduced the number of executives flying business jets around the country to meet with customers. But, that doesn’t mean all flying has come to a standstill. Much of the piston and propeller fleet has been flying just fine, and quite fortunately, so have I – though Read More

IFR Oddities

When I earned my Instrument rating, it was common to include the phrase “No SIDs/No STARs” in the Remarks when filing an IFR flight plan. Partly we were being cheap. In those days you had to buy stacks of paper charts and books even for a single IFR flight, and the SIDs (Standard Instrument Departures) Read More

Stuff Happens

Stuff Happens

As much as we try to personalize them, airplanes are above all mindless mechanical devices that wear down and break at regular intervals, in spite of our mechanic’s best efforts. When this occurs, the pilots involved (and I am definitely one of them) invariably tend to blame themselves and lie awake at night thinking about Read More