From the Flight Deck

Bumps in the Night:
Certain airplane noises can only be heard at night

Our nighttime perceptions encompass a complex cornucopia of psychological and sensory ingredients: flow experience (being in the zone), depersonalization (a sense that things around us aren’t real), dissociative experience (lack of continuity between thoughts, surroundings and actions), visual deprivation, mind-wandering, disorientation and fatigue. All of which can result in summoning the Boogeyman. In a training Read More


(stow-e-key-oh-metric)Airplane engine chemistry, carbon monoxide detectors and butter pecan ice cream. If you understand the relevance of the above compounds, chemicals, emulsions and reactions as they relate to flying fossil fuel-powered planes, then just go purchase a sensitive CO detector, put it in your airplane and move on to the next prodigious T &T article. Read More

To Err is Human …Unless You’re a Pilot

err/er,ər/  verbbe mistaken or incorrect;to make a mistake “We got your prime pilots that get all the hot planes, and we gotyour pudknockers who dream of getting the hot planes…see, somepeckerwood’s gotta get the thing up and some peckerwood has gotta land the son of a bit**. And that peckerwood is called ‘a pilot.’” –Pancho Read More

Cabin Class Fever | After the Great Lockdown: The Great Lakes = Great Flying

Cabin Class Fever | After the Great Lockdown: The Great Lakes = Great Flying

cab·in fe·vernounThe distressing, claustrophobic irritabilityor restlessness experienced when a person or group is stuck at an isolated location or in confined quarters for an extended period. Lately, we have all had cabin fever. And our restlessness, frustration and irritability became privately and publicly evident – but no more. Now that we can resume flying, eating out and Read More