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Freedom of Flight<br>General Aviation: Use It or Lose It

Freedom of Flight
General Aviation: Use It or Lose It

Do you enjoy the smell of fresh-cut grass and the click of a golf ball on your club? Or gently resting the pad of your finger on a four-pound test line – then, one click at a time, trying to convince your favorite fish to bite? Perhaps traversing a wilderness area where the nearest jeep Read More

Litanies:<br>The story of a go-around at DCA

The story of a go-around at DCA

Litany: noun, plural litanies. A prolonged account: a list, catalog, enumeration. It’s ten-past midnight at the end of a 14-hour day. You’re flying an ILS; the weather is 300/1. Winds at 3,000 feet on final show a 40-knot tailwind. It’s reported at the surface as a direct cross at 20 knots. The runway is wet, Read More

MAX Effort: Returning the Embattled B-737 MAX to Service

MAX Effort: Returning the Embattled B-737 MAX to Service

Photo Courtesy of Boeing Airlines have always been a cyclical industry. And despite assertions several years ago that they would “never lose money again,” several unpredictable events resulted in a downturn that is causing a potentially E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) among some part 121 carriers: The worldwide grounding of the B-737 MAX followed by a Read More

Bumps in the Night:
Certain airplane noises can only be heard at night

Our nighttime perceptions encompass a complex cornucopia of psychological and sensory ingredients: flow experience (being in the zone), depersonalization (a sense that things around us aren’t real), dissociative experience (lack of continuity between thoughts, surroundings and actions), visual deprivation, mind-wandering, disorientation and fatigue. All of which can result in summoning the Boogeyman. In a training Read More