From the Flight Deck

Bee Hive Basics

The FAA / ATC Divorce: Who gets custody of GA? The Part 121 folks claim they are being hobbled by an antiquated system no longer capable of supporting their needs. Why else would they be chronically late if not for a broken, government-run system? Severe weather was approaching as I planned my departure from the Read More

Altered States

Altered States

Flying the redeye without reverting into a Neanderthal Fa • tigue: / fuh-teeg / Noun 1a Extreme tiredness; typically resulting from mental or physical exertion, sleep deprivation or illness. Known to cause irritability, poor judgement and blabbering like a caveman. The first time I flew while tired (the word fatigue wasn’t in vogue at the Read More


Staying in the books to stay current. Some of us don’t like to read directions. Even for challenging tasks like assembling furniture, a suite of home electronics or the boring sections of an airplane manual. The “us” being mostly us guys. We like to think that we are MacGyver; able to use innovation, ingenuity and Read More

In The Groove

Guppy School (Part Deux) It’s taken 150 hours, but I’m getting a handle on the 737 Guppy (see “Guppy School,” Twin & Turbine, January 2017). It’s rewarding to once again hear “Great landing, great flight” compliments from the passengers and FA’s, the flight attendants. An observer in the cockpit is well suited to gauge piloting Read More

From the Flight Deck: When It Rains

It never rains in California, it pours, man it pours. – Albert Hammond, 1973 Proverb: It never rains, but it pours. Misfortunes or difficult situations tend to follow each other in rapid succession or to arrive all at the same time. We sometimes cite proverbs, myths, nursery rhymes, even superstitions in our search for excuses, Read More