Editor's Briefing

Editors Briefing: A Reckoning With Risk

Last week, my husband and I took our annual flying getaway to the Out Islands of the Bahamas. The trip one-way is approximately 1,400 nm between our home airport in Kansas City, ending at an island 350 nm southeast from the coast of Florida. It’s a route we know pretty well. For the return trip Read More

Editor’s Briefing: Saying Goodbye to an Aviation Icon

  One of the great pleasures of editing a monthly aviation magazine is that I get to interact with many industry icons, some of which are my personal aviation heroes. Over the past year, I have the honor to work with someone who qualifies in both categories. It was with great sadness that I received Read More

Editor’s Briefing: 2018: The Year of  Flying with a Purpose

Editor’s Briefing: 2018: The Year of Flying with a Purpose

Feature Image Above: A recent Angel Flight mission accompanied by my daughter Abby (far right). How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? Among my aviation-related goals for 2018 were 1) develop a plan that will create discipline in keeping my flying current and sharp, and stick to it, 2) fly at least one charitable mission Read More

Editor’s Briefing: Ready for Winter Flying

As we begin a new year, we have the opportunity to think about ways we can put our flying machines to good use, be it for business, pleasure or charity flying. It is also the time of year when winter is upon us in full force. That recent blast of Artic air means fantastic climb Read More

Editor’s Briefing: A Passion That’s Not Aviation

Editor’s Briefing: A Passion That’s Not Aviation

If you are like 99 percent of aviation families I know, not everyone in your family embraces aviation the way you do. You may eat, sleep and breathe flying and if you’re lucky, some in your clan may join in your obsession. I feel incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by family members who are pilots: Read More