Editor's Briefing

Almost First-Time Owners

In September we came this close to purchasing a Mooney – a story I thought I’d share here. I will turn it over to Jared to summarize the experience, but spoiler alert: the search is still on. Jared Jacobs: Shortly after Rebecca and I made the call to start our airplane search, a connection of Read More

Feature Your
Airplane in T&T

In this issue we introduce a new section of the magazine called the “Owner’s Corner” – a space dedicated to stories written by you, the reader and owner-pilot.  The intent here is to stretch beyond a typical flight review and deeply explore various owner-flown aircraft through an operator’s eyes. Whether its operational nuances, maintenance know-how Read More

The Search is On

It’s official. My husband Jared and I are in the market for an airplane! We have discussed (dreamt of) owning an airplane for years, but I always swiftly dismissed the idea – we are too young and they are too expensive.  Well, my mindset shifted this year. We are financially stable, well-connected and commercial travel Read More

Good Time to Buy/Sell?

For a few months now I have heard the same hopeful sentiment repeated from folks all across business and general aviation – “GA will see a jump in sales thanks to COVID and the increased interest in private travel.” Heck, I have been saying (or hoping) it, too. It makes sense. Undoubtedly, more people and Read More

A Close Call With COVID

On April 2, I received a heart-dropping text: “Rich Pickett was put on a ventilator due to COVID. Praying for our friend.” It was the first that I heard that he was sick. And COVID-19? A ventilator? The sinking feeling deepened. The reality of the virus flooding media outlets suddenly hit home with a punch. Read More