Editor's Briefing

NBAA 2017: A Show of Strength

As I write this, the 2017 NBAA Convention is drawing to a close. This year’s show was held in Las Vegas, which was still reeling from the horrific shooting at an outdoor music festival that left 58 dead and 500 injured just one week before. There was a subdued, but determined feeling among the Las Read More

Zone of Totality

How many times have you heard the promise, “this once in a lifetime opportunity!” Whether it’s used to sell you a car, persuade you to take a free Caribbean cruise, or convince you to invest in silver via those annoying cable TV ads, you are implausibly told THIS is the deal of the century! Don’t Read More

Insurance Epilogue

Fair warning: this column isn’t about ATC privatization, although it’s a hot topic right now within our community that deserves our attention and action. Instead, it’s about another cog in the aviation’s economic machine: the insurance industry. With more than a dozen underwriting companies competing for a limited number of aircraft, the market is soft. Read More

Rough Year, But We’re Still the Lucky Ones

Last month, I was sitting with a group of aviation-centric friends talking about the state of affairs in our slice of the world above FL00. The conversation evolved (or devolved?) into a hilariously cynical version of the word association game, the one where a person says a word and the rest quickly say the word Read More

Only at Oshkosh

It was the afternoon of Monday, July 25, 2016, and the first day of the AirVenture Oshkosh air show. Having just arrived, my husband and I hustled our way closer to flight line to watch a massive red-and-white Martin JRM Mars water bomber line up for a low pass. As the last one of its Read More