Editor's Briefing

Editor’s Briefing: The Numbers Game

How good are you at playing the numbers game, when flying? Like most pilots, you probably have some number-crunching aids to apply in common situations. You know, like so-many pounds of fuel for the first hour and so-many for each hour after, during cruise flight. Or, tripling the thousands to be lost to get the Read More

Sharing The Burden, And The Benefits

Owning and managing a cabin-class airplane can be a burdensome proposition, despite the beneficial bounties of being able to go where you want, when you want, in privacy. The care and feeding of our airplane isn’t cheap, especially when you add in storage, maintenance and insurance. Private flying is a wonderful freedom and privilege, at Read More

Editor’s Briefing: Control Freaking

Ever wonder why we have that uneasy feeling in the pit of our viscera just before we launch on a big trip? Most likely, we are tied up in knots because we’re not in total control. Pilots are, by nature, control freaks. The very definition of Pilot In Command reeks of control. We must stay Read More

Editor’s Briefing: Satisfaction… Assured

Satisfactory piloting performance is a moving target; when I fly for proficiency, either on a positioning leg or a purposeful hop under supervision, I try to get as close as I can to a flawless performance. I’ve yet to get there, but if I close the gap slightly, I get to reset my parameter of Read More