Editor's Briefing

The Search is On

It’s official. My husband Jared and I are in the market for an airplane! We have discussed (dreamt of) owning an airplane for years, but I always swiftly dismissed the idea – we are too young and they are too expensive.  Well, my mindset shifted this year. We are financially stable, well-connected and commercial travel Read More

Good Time to Buy/Sell?

For a few months now I have heard the same hopeful sentiment repeated from folks all across business and general aviation – “GA will see a jump in sales thanks to COVID and the increased interest in private travel.” Heck, I have been saying (or hoping) it, too. It makes sense. Undoubtedly, more people and Read More

A Close Call With COVID

On April 2, I received a heart-dropping text: “Rich Pickett was put on a ventilator due to COVID. Praying for our friend.” It was the first that I heard that he was sick. And COVID-19? A ventilator? The sinking feeling deepened. The reality of the virus flooding media outlets suddenly hit home with a punch. Read More

View from Upside Down

View from Upside Down

This summer marks 10 years since I learned to fly.  In those 10 years, I have been fortunate to experience a host of unique airplanes and flying, but one of the most fun (and eye-opening) experiences occurred just earlier this year when my husband Jared and I visited Patty Wagstaff Aviation Safety in St. Augustine, Read More

GA Assembles Coronavirus Aid

The general aviation industry has long served as a lifeline to people and communities in crisis. Previously, that spirit of service predominantly showed itself during natural disaster relief missions. But today, faced with the novel coronavirus crisis, aviation leaders and businesses have been quick to step up once again. Some of the biggest examples can Read More