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Under New Guidance, ATP’s Motto Is “Knowledge Fuels Safety”

For more than four decades, since the firm’s inception in 1973, Aircraft Technical Publishers has been providing vital technical information and, more importantly, management of that information, to flight departments and MRO companies throughout the world. Under the guidance of its new CEO, Charles Picasso, ATP continues to expand and improve its service. “I’m looking Read More

CJ Perspectives: Reactions Aging and reaction time

“The time elapsing between the beginning of a stimulus and the beginning of an organism’s reaction to it.” That’s the definition of reaction time – if you don’t mind being called an organism, that is. Even if you do mind, it’s still the definition. Our high school driver’s education teacher used “age, experience and wisdom” Read More

A Flying Squadron…For Citation Pilots

When I was flying T-38s and U-2s for the US Air Force, my squadron mates and I didn’t “own” the jets …but sometimes it sure felt like we owned them! We flew them all over the U.S. and all over the world, experiencing some of the most unique adventures I could imagine. With those high-performance Read More

Maintaining Flying Skills

Much has been made of a recent general deterioration in manual flying skills, leading to a “dumbing down” of piloting abilities in order to fill cockpit seats. But, when faced with an in-flight crisis, it still takes a professional crew to avoid disaster, even if the aircraft only requires one pilot. There is a danger Read More

The 2015 CJP Convention

The 2015 CJP Convention

Atremendous turnout supported the 2015 gather-ing of the Citation Jet Pilots Association, held September 9-13 at the historic Broadmoor resort and spa in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Approximately 100 Citations crowded the huge ramp at Colorado Jet Center and the accompanying crowd brought by that fleet filled the plenary and seminar sessions in the International Center Read More