A Snort-worthy Column

I don’t normally write fan mail (no pun intended), but now I’ve had to write both you and Dingman as a result of the same issue of Twin & Turbine. (Learning to Fly Again, April 2017) I’m laughing out loud as a result of your article. I started pretty close to the beginning. By the end Read More

Kudos to Archie

After finishing the excellent article on the hazards of thunderstorms and limitations of radar in the June issue (“The Long Tentacles of a Thunderstorm”), I realized that it had been written by Archie Trammell, the world’s top guru on the subject. I used to write articles for Archie when he was editor of Business & Read More

Airmail: David Miller’s Flying Aussie Style

I have enjoyed your column in Twin & Turbine  over the years, our flying backgrounds being somewhat similar (owner/pilot). I operated a Citation 550 with an exemption for a decade before reluctantly moving on to Lears and now Challengers, and ultimately moved a sizable real estate business into aviation where I have been well rewarded. I envy Read More

Airmail: Writer Kevin Ware Inspires

As a Twin & Turbine subscriber, Twin Cessna member and C-340 admirer, I wanted to say thanks to Kevin Ware who is perhaps an unintended aviator role model that seems to be “living the dream.” Combining two high-pressure careers is challenging at least, and is extremely impressive when accomplished, and is something that I still Read More

Airmail: “There Are No Happy Endings” Airport Damage at KOJC

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your emotional editorial in the April editorial. (Editor’s Briefing, April 2017) Your feelings of loss and joy of having one of your airplanes survive a horrific storm brought a tear to my eye. And your wonderful description about the wonder, amazement, frustration, worry, and achievement Read More