Kudos to Archie

After finishing the excellent article on the hazards of thunderstorms and limitations of radar in the June issue (“The Long Tentacles of a Thunderstorm”), I realized that it had been written by Archie Trammell, the world’s top guru on the subject. I used to write articles for Archie when he was editor of Business & Read More

Airmail: David Miller’s Flying Aussie Style

I have enjoyed your column in Twin & Turbine  over the years, our flying backgrounds being somewhat similar (owner/pilot). I operated a Citation 550 with an exemption for a decade before reluctantly moving on to Lears and now Challengers, and ultimately moved a sizable real estate business into aviation where I have been well rewarded. I envy Read More

Airmail: Writer Kevin Ware Inspires

As a Twin & Turbine subscriber, Twin Cessna member and C-340 admirer, I wanted to say thanks to Kevin Ware who is perhaps an unintended aviator role model that seems to be “living the dream.” Combining two high-pressure careers is challenging at least, and is extremely impressive when accomplished, and is something that I still Read More

Airmail: “There Are No Happy Endings” Airport Damage at KOJC

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your emotional editorial in the April editorial. (Editor’s Briefing, April 2017) Your feelings of loss and joy of having one of your airplanes survive a horrific storm brought a tear to my eye. And your wonderful description about the wonder, amazement, frustration, worry, and achievement Read More

Airmail: Commander is a Pilot’s Airplane

Commander is a Pilot’s Airplane I’ve been a Twin & Turbine reader since the dawn and read the latest On Final by David Miller (March 2017) with interest. A friend and I owned Twin Commander 1000 N79PH for 12 years. We got jet fever and moved to an Embraer Phenom 100 N43EP for the last Read More