Altered States, Altered Minds

Thanks for Kevin Dingman’s August article “Altered States.” Because of his ability to synthesize cogent and entertaining articles from eclectic information, From the Flight Deck is always my “first read” in Twin & Turbine, but his guidance on fatigue hit particularly close to home. As an engineering consultant who flies his company’s plane on business Read More

CAF Red Tail Squadron is Back in the Air

For the record, the U.S. Air Force of Historical Research list the Red Tails as first participating in the air campaign in May of 1943 and started escorting bombers in July of 1944 in the European theater. Two Tuskegee airmen shot down four to five enemy aircraft and many of the other Red Tails shot Read More

Radar Feedback

I have to drop a line to say thanks to Twin & Turbine and Joe Ratterman for two terrific articles about onboard radar. (“Look Up Look Down…Look Out!” July 2017 & Beam Me Up Scotty!” August 2017) I’ve been flying with onboard radars for many years, but until now I never understood how to get optimal utility Read More

NEXRAD vs. Radar

The article “Look Up, Look Down…Look Out” in the July issue implies the radar image has identified a storm not seen by NEXRAD. Cells cannot explode from near nothing to severe levels within four minutes. If so, no radar of any type would be of help. (NEXRAD images are produced every four minutes in Storm Read More

A Snort-worthy Column

I don’t normally write fan mail (no pun intended), but now I’ve had to write both you and Dingman as a result of the same issue of Twin & Turbine. (Learning to Fly Again, April 2017) I’m laughing out loud as a result of your article. I started pretty close to the beginning. By the end Read More