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Advertiser Spotlight: <br>Strategic Moves

Advertiser Spotlight:
Strategic Moves

Expedite Your Transition to a New Airplane With Strategic Moves In many pilot’s flying lives, there will be a desire to move up to a larger piston twin, a cabin-class turboprop, or a luxury business jet. Strategic Moves provides an expedited path to transition. “Our Transition Training Program uses a defined custom syllabus to qualify Read More

Advertiser Spotlight: Raisbeck

Advertiser Spotlight: Raisbeck

“How Raisbeck EPIC Performance Packages are augmented by Swept-Blade Propellers” Everyone seems to be talking propellers these days, including us.  The new 5-way Hartzell Composite prop for the PC-12 and the TBM 900 are good examples of this.   The 900’s new airplane performance is inherently tied to the new Swept-Blade Propeller, if for no other reason than Read More