In Response to Kevin Ware’s “Turning Professional” (February) Just a quick thanks for sharing your career path story in the latest T &T. I’m happy for you that you’ve ended up engaged in a career you enjoy and beyond that share your experiences with us monthly in Twin & Turbine. I’ve wanted to write before Read More

Novel Introduces Aviation to Juniors “Stranded” by JE Timlin

Richard is a training captain with an international airline. His wife, Julie, is a writer. Their ten-year-old daughter, Talitha, dreams of following in her father’s footsteps and becoming a pilot one day. Talitha’s interest is not surprising as she has an aviator in her family. She sees her dad head off to exotic locations every Read More


In Response to David Miller’s “Irrational Behavior” (December) I just read your piece in the December edition of Twin & Turbine. I learned to fly at age 11 in 1969 and have owned two Bonanzas and four new Barons over the course of my flying career. We took our two teenage sons all over the Read More


In Response to David Miller’s “Judgment or Experience” (November) I enjoy your column. You and Dingman are always my first reads, and if I don’t get to the rest of the magazine, that’s usually okay, although Ware was extraordinary this month. However, you passed on the perfect opportunity to use the old anecdote: Neophyte to Read More

Banyan Air Service: 30 Safety Reminders

To keep safety at the forefront of our teammates’ minds, we developed a “Safety message of the day” campaign. Our line service training manager wrote 30 one-sentence, daily email messages that are automatically generated and sent to line service, CSRs, and department managers. These 30 messages re-run each month, and managers discuss the messages daily in departmental Read More