Superior Air Parts Releases “Engine Management 101” as a free Flip-Book Download  

Superior Air Parts, Inc., is making its popular book “Engine Management 101” available as a free flip-book download. Written by Superior’s VP of product support Bill Ross, who has been an FAA A&P/IA for 32 years, the book covers all aspects of piston engine maintenance, operation, leaning and preventative procedures. “I’ve spent my entire career Read More

Cutter Aviation Opens New FBO at KCOS 

Usually when a company opens a new facility, they hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony, take pictures and serve refreshments. Cutter Aviation took the “grand opening” event to a new level by holding a log-cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of their new FBO terminal at the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. The new executive terminal features a Read More

Jet Journal: Seven Habits of a Disciplined Single Pilot

Jet Journal: Seven Habits of a Disciplined Single Pilot

We all hold on to the memory of the first time we soloed – an event that likely took place in a training aircraft flown at a familiar airport. The weather was fair and a flight instructor watchfully stood nearby. Today, many of us are flying larger, faster turbine aircraft and facing far more complex Read More

Altered States, Altered Minds

Thanks for Kevin Dingman’s August article “Altered States.” Because of his ability to synthesize cogent and entertaining articles from eclectic information, From the Flight Deck is always my “first read” in Twin & Turbine, but his guidance on fatigue hit particularly close to home. As an engineering consultant who flies his company’s plane on business Read More

CAF Red Tail Squadron is Back in the Air

For the record, the U.S. Air Force of Historical Research list the Red Tails as first participating in the air campaign in May of 1943 and started escorting bombers in July of 1944 in the European theater. Two Tuskegee airmen shot down four to five enemy aircraft and many of the other Red Tails shot Read More