Introducing 121RW

Introducing 121RW

No sooner did the February Editor’s Briefing hit the ink that we found “The One.” I am thrilled to announce my husband Jared and I are the PROUD co-owners of a beautiful 1970 F33A Bonanza! It has yet to sink in fully, but we could not be more excited to start this journey – and Read More

New Year, New Search

My husband Jared and I have been pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the number of readers who have reached out to provide well wishes, personal experiences and advice since we announced the search for our first aircraft this past September. Following our most recent update after a failed offer on a Mooney (see “Almost First Read More

Plane to Plane

You might have noticed we have published numerous (pre-owned) aircraft comparison articles over the past two years – beginning with the “Top Turboprop” series in the fall of 2019, followed by “Piston Power” last summer. T &T contributor Joe Casey has authored 10 comparison articles in all, garnering a great deal of positive reader feedback. Read More

Fit for Flight

“In times like this, it’s easy to feel like everything is a threatwhen the reality is…you’re probably doing okay. ‘Managing the story’ is being mindful of the present moment – not letting your mind run into the future.” – Matt McNeil, LiftAffect The inspiration for this month’s briefing comes from NBAA’s recently published “Pandemic Playbook: Read More

Almost First-Time Owners

In September we came this close to purchasing a Mooney – a story I thought I’d share here. I will turn it over to Jared to summarize the experience, but spoiler alert: the search is still on. Jared Jacobs: Shortly after Rebecca and I made the call to start our airplane search, a connection of Read More