Jet or Turboprop: Which is Easier to Fly?

It sounds like a pretty easy question, right? Maybe not. The answer depends on when your airplane was designed. The newer the certification, the more integrated the airplane. The Citation Mustang, a 2006 design, has about 50 switches, levers and toggles to manipulate. The King Air C90 has more than 90. The latest single-engine turbine Read More

Roundtrip to Wichita at the Speed Of…

“I need to drop my M2 off at the service center in Wichita. Want to fly right seat?” came the voicemail question from friend Larry King. “Oh, and I might buy a 206, so Cessna will take us home on a demo flight back to Dallas,” he added. Now, that might be an interesting trip, I Read More

Graduating from the Academy

My airspeed is decreasing below 90 knots and the airplane is climbing even though we are in level flight,” I yelled to Larry Barna, my sim instructor. “I am going to switch the ADC (air data computer) to number two.”  “Dave, remember when you flew a Baron,” replied Larry. “You don’t have an ADC problem. Your Read More

And Then There Was One

After buying 10 or so airplanes in my career, and “almost” buying numerous others, I know I need help when I am about to fill a hangar. One previous purchase catastrophe, one close to that, and a couple of lucky ones have taught me that I don’t know what I don’t know about buying airplanes. Read More

Irrational Behavior

I believe I am stricken with a virus known in medical circles as “irrationalis behaviorus.” It is characterized by expressions of emotions such as crying hysterically and maintaining unrealistic expectations. The most severe cases of the virus are found in aircraft owners.  Or, in my case, former aircraft owners. You may recall that I sold my Read More