On Final: Learning to Fly Again

1. Single engine airplanes can be dangerous. They have tiny engines that fail for no good reason. Their electrical systems fry themselves leaving no backup power. Pilots fly them into buildings, mountains, and TV towers seemingly every day. 2. Patty and I are traveling to Australia and renting a Cessna 182 to fly around the Read More

On Final: Which Airplane For Me?

Now that I have determined I simply cannot live without owning my own airplane, which one is the right choice? I narrowed my selection immediately by deciding that I must have two turbine engines. Nothing against the TBM, Pilatus and Meridian, or you fine piston folks. I just love the hum and theoretical safety of Read More

On Final: The Quest

You may recall from a previous installment that I had to part company with my own, very personal jet. I am recovering, but slowly. My friend Larry King kindly offered to lease me his beautiful Citation M2, which I immediately accepted. That plan has worked pretty well. But I still have this irrational yearning to Read More

5 Days, 8 Cities, 2 Coasts and 1 Citation M2

5 Days, 8 Cities, 2 Coasts and 1 Citation M2

I have a business trip starting in Dallas next week with presentations in LA, Chicago, Dayton and New York City. Four nights and five days flying several passengers and bags from one coast to the other. Want to fly right seat?” Such was the email from friend Larry King, owner of a Cessna Citation M2. Read More

On Final: First Time Flyer

It doesn’t matter how many hours you have in your logbook. Or how many type ratings you have. The fact is, the first time you fly an airplane as the sole PIC  (Pilot In Cockpit) it is a new experience.  Being all alone “up front” on that first flight can be challenging, frustrating, and sometimes Read More