“Jax Center, King Air three niner six delta mike would like to deviate ten right for a buildup,” I asked. “That’s approved, and when able, direct Charleston executive,” came the immediate reply.  Descending through 12,000 feet, in the clear, I noticed a small buildup to my left, only a few hundred feet above me. I Read More

How Much Stress is Enough?

“I will have to shut down the GPU for a few minutes,” yelled the line guy on the Signature ramp. Darkness and heavy mist hung in the early morning at Dallas Love Field (KDAL). “Why?” I responded. “We just detected a lightning strike west of the airport and everything has to shut down,” he replied. Read More

Surviving COVID-19

No, not the disease. I have been lucky there. But our esteemed Twin & Turbine contributor, Rich Pickett, did just that and has eloquently written about his scary ordeal (see this month’s Editor’s Briefing). Welcome back, Rich! All I had to do is survive living cooped up at home for months. It was truly a Read More

First Flight Back

                  ‘Twas the night before May first, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, Patty and Peaches asleep on the couch Foreflight on the iPad by the chimney with care In preparation for my first flight in six weeks though I dare I sprang Read More

First Solo–Again

“November seven three zero Juliet Alpha, will you need a runup at the end?”  I was ready for the question from Love ground control (KDAL) but anxious about the flight. It wasn’t the weather. But after 14 years of exclusively flying jets, this would be my first solo flight in a King Air. “Negative, zero Read More