En Route: Swept-Blade Technology Drives Raisbeck Aircraft Engineering 2014 Sales To New Heights

En Route: Swept-Blade Technology Drives Raisbeck Aircraft Engineering 2014 Sales To New Heights

EnrouteIt has been another busy year for Raisbeck Aircraft Engineering; 2014 ended as one of the top three sales years in company history. The year started with the introduction of the new Raisbeck/Hartzell Swept Blade Propellers for the King Air 90 series, followed by FAA certification of the Lear 60 Aft Fuselage Locker, and concluded with the Raisbeck EPIC Performance Systems being added to the Beechcraft C90GTx production line.

Raisbeck Swept-Blade Technology was the driving force in sales this year, with 26 shipsets of the 90-series Swept Blade Propellers delivered since their introduction in January, and 54 shipsets of the 200 series propellers delivered since their introduction in March of 2013. The new Raisbeck/Hartzell Propellers are known for their quietness, performance and impressive ramp presence.

RaisbeckA total of 242 King Airs received at least one Raisbeck System in 2014, including 126 in-service airplanes that went through one of the 100+ Raisbeck Authorized Sales and Installation locations worldwide. Additionally, 116 new Beechcraft King Air C90GTxs, 250s and 350s came off the Beechcraft production line in Wichita with one or more Raisbeck Performance Systems installed. These included Swept Blade Propellers, Dual Aft Body Strakes, Crown Wing Lockers and Ram Air Recovery System. The year 2014 also marked the second decade that Raisbeck Lockers and Strakes have been standard in the Beechcraft 350 production line, as well as seeing the 100th production-line installation of the Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System on the King Air 250.

New for 2015

After positive customer and industry feedback on plans to bring Swept Blade Technology to the King Air 350 family, Raisbeck Engineering is in continued development of King Air 350 propellers and expects to have a product that meets its high standards for operational benefits and value in 2015.

Currently, two options are under evaluation and testing: a five-blade composite design and four-blade aluminum design. In line with the Raisbeck/Hartzell Swept Prop designs for the 90 and 200 models, either option for the 350 will deliver performance gains and noise reduction. 2015 also marks the re-introduction of special combination pricing and a new credit program for individual Raisbeck Performance Systems. When purchased in combination, the new Systems pricing can save customers upwards of $26,500. Combination pricing includes all Raisbeck systems: Swept Blade Propellers, Ram Air Recovery, Dual Aft Body Strakes, Enhanced Performance Leading Edges, High Flotation Gear Doors, and both Nacelle Wing Lockers and Crown Wing Lockers.

Having strong partnerships with industry leaders like Hartzell Propeller, Textron-Beechcraft and others allows for continued customer satisfaction and overall company success. “I am particularly pleased with the continued joint effort between Raisbeck and Beechcraft for several reasons, the most important being that it gives proper credence to the Raisbeck Systems and gives our customers simply more of what they bought their King Air for,” commented James Raisbeck, company Founder and CEO. “All three production King Air models now have at least one of our systems as part of their makeup. And we look forward to the Beechcraft/Raisbeck partnership continuing to grow in 2015.”

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