En Route: Sierra Industries introduces engine lifespan extension for Pratt & Whitney JT15D fanjet family

En Route: Sierra Industries introduces engine lifespan extension for Pratt & Whitney JT15D fanjet family

Addressing the concerns of many owners and operators of Pratt & Whitney powered aircraft, Sierra Industries announced in late 2015 the creation of an affordable alternative to expensive engine overhauls every 3,500 hours. Known as the Fanjet Life EXtension (FLEXTM) program, this FAA-approved maintenance and inspection program can provide many years of additional service at a remarkably affordable price point.

The FLEX program extends TBO up to 5,250 hours by increasing the frequency and thoroughness of routine engine inspections. The purpose is to find and correct engine problems in their early stages. This early correction of potential engine problems supports an FAA-approved increase in the engine overhaul interval. Aircraft owners may enroll in the FLEX program at any time up to TBO and in some cases even beyond. For many legacy aircraft owners, this could mean a decade or more of flying without incurring the substantial expense of engine overhaul or replacement.

Enrollment in the program includes a full subscription to the SierraCom maintenance tracking program. Integrating the engine program with overall maintenance tracking streamlines inspection alerts and scheduling, centralizes record keeping and provides a single point of contact for administrative and regulatory concerns. Once enrolled, periodic oil analysis, borescope inspections and performance monitoring are utilized to continually evaluate engine condition.

The FLEX program is applicable to these Pratt & Whitney engine models: JT15D-1, -1A/-1B, -4/-4B and -5A/-5D. Membership in the program may be transferred to a new owner upon aircraft sale. The FLEX program provides an affordable alternative to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in engine overhauls or used engine purchases.

More information on the FLEX program may be found online at www.skywaygroup.aero/flex. Details and an online demo on the SierraCom maintenance tracking program can be found at www.sijet.com/sierracom-

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    Ricardo Lizana August 17, 2019 at 9:11 am

    how can enrole my jt15-d engines

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    Sarah Smith December 18, 2020 at 7:51 pm

    Thanks for your information on the engine lifespan extension. My little brother would like a JT15D. I will suggest that he look more into the engine lifespan.

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