Under New Guidance, ATP’s Motto Is “Knowledge Fuels Safety”

Under New Guidance, ATP’s Motto Is “Knowledge Fuels Safety”

For more than four decades, since the firm’s inception in 1973, Aircraft Technical Publishers has been providing vital technical information and, more importantly, management of that information, to flight departments and MRO companies throughout the world. Under the guidance of its new CEO, Charles Picasso, ATP continues to expand and improve its service.

“I’m looking forward to working with our partners and clients, who can expect to receive the same level of service excellence from ATP, as well as look forward to exciting new developments on the horizon,” said Picasso. “It’s an honor to take the helm of an organization with such an esteemed history in the industry and lead ATP into a new era of growth.”

What exactly does ATP do? According to company sources, Aircraft Technical Publishers is the general aviation industry’s only single-source provider of information management and services for manufacturers, operators/owners, and maintenance providers.

As any aircraft owner can tell you, it’s a real hassle to keep track of all the required inspections, replacements and deadlines for the various certificated equipment in and on the airplane. As aircraft have grown more complex, so has the paperwork supporting them. Continuing airworthiness requires adhering to a schedule of inspections and life-limit compliance, not just for the airframe and engines, but all components, both those that came with the airplane and those that have been added.

A steady stream of airworthiness directives and service bulletins continually add to this burden. ATP’s 23,000 users, in 96 countries, receive updates and monitoring of the client’s fleet, even if it consists of a single airplane, and ATP provides current data to the FBO maintenance shops that often service a variety of aircraft. FAA regulations require repair stations to have the proper manuals or other information to work on each type of aircraft or component. To facilitate this, ATP maintains the world’s most comprehensive library of up-to-date maintenance, operating, and regulatory content. Without ATP to keep them up to date, operators and MRO providers have a huge problem acquiring and maintaining the required data.

Because it has enduring relationships with more than 200 leading manufacturers, ATP plays a pivotal role in facilitating collaboration and information exchanges among manufacturers, owners/operators, maintenance providers, regulators, and aviation schools. ATP works closely with some 54 OEMs, bridging the gap between manufacturer and client to ensure compliance is being met. ATP subscriptions are provided on an annual basis, priced depending on the need; the cost of ATP’s services can vary widely, from a few hundred dollars to ten of thousands, but, in talking with Mr. Picasso, we were surprised at the affordability of ATP support for small operators.

For additional information, visit www.atp.com, or contact:
Aviation Technical Publishers
101 South Hill Drive, Brisbane, California 94005
(415) 330-3720

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