NBAA Focus: NBAA Continues Investment in Developing Future Industry Workforce

NBAA Focus: NBAA Continues Investment in Developing Future Industry Workforce

Business aviation faces an unprecedented shortage of qualified workers to fill roles in flight departments, maintenance facilities and support operations. NBAA is dedicated to bolstering the business aviation workforce of today, while also developing the next generation of industry leaders.

For example, earlier this year NBAA joined with fellow aviation stakeholders to support the Aviation Workforce Development Pilot Program Bill (H.R. 5701), a bipartisan measure that would provide financial grants to schools, businesses and other private and governmental entities that develop technical talent and encourage workers to pursue careers in the aviation industry.

Business aviation managers are also finding it harder to staff their operations, in part because of an overall decline in the number of people choosing aviation careers. 

In addition to offering a wide array of pro–fessional development programs targeting both industry veterans and newcomers, NBAA and its committees are continually working to find ways to make our industry more attractive to current and potential personnel.

In 2017, NBAA’s Business Aviation Management Committee (BAMC) surveyed over a thousand business aircraft pilots about their career satisfaction and quality of life concerns. The results offer a stark picture of the challenges facing the industry – but also provide insight into what business aviation companies can do to retain their talent.

NBAA’s resources, including the Internship and Career Guide, are tools that can help lead the way for future aviation professionals. NBAA also recognizes the value in exposing students to aviation, a global industry, and inspiring them to pursue successful and rewarding aviation careers, which is why “Careers in Business Aviation Day” has become a staple of NBAA-sponsored events in the U.S., Europe and Asia. 

Additionally, NBAA’s Young Professionals, or “YoPro” group, is dedicated to building relationships between emerging leaders across the business aviation industry. YoPro members work to connect young professionals while also increasing public awareness of new initiatives in this vibrant and growing industry.

NBAA has also launched a national mentoring network that will match qualified industry veterans with young people pursuing business aviation careers, with the aim of fostering a collaborative environment for professional growth.

Without question, the need for qualified workers, today and tomorrow, touches all aspects of the industry, and we must all work together to find effective solutions. We hope these and other efforts will help to promote aviation careers, ensuring that companies using business aviation have the professionals they need to operate safely and compete globally.

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