Like Father, Like Daughter(s)

Like Father, Like Daughter(s)

Like Father, Like Daughter(s)

feel it is necessary early on in this role to further introduce my father Randy Groom, who’s insights and support has been invaluable to me throughout my young career. He is ultimately the reason that both my sister and I entered the general aviation industry, and someone we both continue to turn to for counsel and inspiration. 

As a 35+ year veteran in the GA industry, and an 11,000+ hour owner-operator, my father has a wealth of knowledge and experience that aligns neatly with many of the topics discussed within Twin & Turbine. His aviation career began humbly as a CFI and charter pilot prior to three decades spent working his way up to becoming a highly-respected executive leader for both Beechcraft and Piper. In 2008, he started consulting firm Groom Aviation and has since helped dozens of well-known business and general aviation companies improve their sales, support and product line strategies. 

Now, the purpose of this information is not to tout his skills or services, but to simply establish his credibility. He’s not only important to me in my personal life, but also as a member of my aviation ‘inner-circle.’ As Editor, I consider it my job to surround myself with experienced and passionate industry veterans to ensure that I continue to provide multi-faceted and relevant aviation journalism that Twin & Turbine is known for. 

Coincidentally, he also happens to be considered a mentor by one of my mentors; a name you all are very familiar with: Dianne White. So, to help introduce him and tap into some of his industry knowledge, Dianne gladly interviewed him for this month’s “Five on the Fly” feature. I encourage you to take a look (page 16) as he responds to questions associated with the health, costs and new technologies in today’s world of GA. And do not be surprised if you see his authorship in the future. I am biased of course, but I don’t imagine I’m alone in thinking there is a lot we can learn from his experience.

P.S. I would also like to take the time to thank everyone who participated in the Twin & Turbine readership survey. I was thrilled to see the number of responses we received. Your feedback is truly invaluable to our mission, and to the future of this magazine. Please do not hesitate to contact me with additional feedback or comments at any time.

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