Kudos to Archie

Kudos to Archie

After finishing the excellent article on the hazards of thunderstorms and limitations of radar in the June issue (“The Long Tentacles of a Thunderstorm”), I realized that it had been written by Archie Trammell, the world’s top guru on the subject. I used to write articles for Archie when he was editor of Business & Commercial Aviation back in the 1970s. If you can get a message to him I’d like to congratulate him on continuing to save lives by spreading what he knows to the pilot population and give him my personal regards and best wishes.

Bruce Ray

Boulder, CO

Wonderful to hear from you. And, yes, 42 years after BCA I’m still hammering away at aviation safety. In addition to an article now and then, I’ve been creating a free monthly website on thunderstorm hazards for 12 years (www.radar4pilots.com) plus occasionally posting a safety message on another website (www.radar4pilots.info) plus contributing to a couple of aviation magazines. I have a book out on aviation safety, a radar course for pilots on a CD and have just completed a “Quick Guide” on CD for pilots on avoidance of convective weather hazards.

It’s been busy, satisfying and fun. And coming up on 89, I figure I still have an article or two and continuation of the free websites in me.

– Archie Trammell

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