Jazz Weight and Balance – Jazz Software Releases Jazz W+B to the Apple App Store

Jazz Weight and Balance – Jazz Software Releases Jazz W+B to the Apple App Store

As of November 5, 2015,Jazz Software announced the availability of Jazz Weight and Balance for iPad and iPhone. By offering pilots a better way to compute their aircraft weight and balance, the app reduces preflighting time and increases safety, by accurately checking loading in relation to the weight and balance envelope and that there is enough fuel onboard for the planned flight.

Jazz Software partnered with the Vermont Flight Academy and Vermont Technical College’s Aviation Degree Program to make the app as simple and intuitive as possible.

“The Jazz Weight and Balance app has become Vermont Flight Academy’s most important preflight tool. The easy-to-use interface has made a somewhat daunting and time consuming task fast and simple. My Job as Chief Flight Instructor is to make sure we train conservative and safe pilots. Jazz Weight and Balance has made my job easier and I can now easily verify that none of our planes are flying in an unsafe condition.” – Ben Higgins, Chief Flight Instructor, Vermont Flight Academy

“As a private pilot, I really wanted an elegant and simple app for calculating weight and balance, and could not find one,” said Lou Krieg, President of Jazz Software. “We spent countless hours working with pilots and students to ensure the Jazz Weight and Balance app meets their needs for both accuracy and ease of use.”

Once opened, the app presents the user with a technical, yet simple, user interface. The lower half of the iPad app is the weight and balance chart with color-coded normal, utility, and aerobatic envelopes. The top right quadrant is the area where the user inputs all of the weight and balance information. The data can be entered using either a standard number pad keyboard or the scrolling dial input that Apple pioneered on the original iPods.


Saving Flights: Saving flights allows for a quicker preflighting process by saving your weight and balance data from a previous flight to the same airport.

Exporting Flights: Flights can be printed to a Wi-Fi connected printer or emailed as a PDF.

Multiple Device Syncing: With multiple devices, it is critical to stay in sync. All data that is on one of your iOS devices will sync wirelessly to all of your iOS devices.

Templates: Built in templates get you on your way to your first weight and balance in only a fraction of the time.

Alerts: Alerts increase safety by notifying you if you are at risk from a variety of hazards like running out of fuel or being over max gross weight.

Aircraft Fleets: Students and renters can download aircraft they use from their local flight school and be ready to use the app immediately. Free registration by the flight school is necessary for the fleet to appear on the app.

Multiple Fuel Stations: Airplanes that have a complex fuel system can take advantage of a flexible fuel burn profile for an accurate weight and balance calculation.

Multiple Units: Multiple fuel burn units gives you the ability to calculate the weight and balance based on volume, time, or weight.

For more information about aircraft fleets and details on other features, visit jazzsoftware.com/products/wnb/

Priced at $9.99, Jazz W+B is available on the App Store;in the US, visit itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id886263643?pt=13355&ct=

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