En Route: BPPP Initial and Recurrent online classes now FREE to American Bonanza Society members.

En Route: BPPP Initial and Recurrent online classes now FREE to American Bonanza Society members.

EnrouteThe American Bonanza Society (www.bonanza.org) and its ABS Air Safety Foundation announce that the industry-leading Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program (BPPP) online pilot training programs are now available FREE to ABS members. The innovative “How to Teach Beech” ABS Flight Instructor Academy is also free to all members of ABS.

ABS members can add on approximately four hours of flight training with a Beech-expert BPPP instructor near their home for only $395. Of this, $375 goes directly to pay the highly qualified instructor. Pilots of Beechcraft Bonanza, Baron, Debonair and Travel Air aircraft who complete BPPP online and flight training may receive up to10% off the cost of their aircraft insurance policy – ask your agent or broker. BPPP may now be the first major type-specific initial and recurrent flight training with a discount that actually covers the entire cost of training – making pilots safer and more capable at little to no cost at all.

ABS Board President Bob Goff says: “Why did ABS’ Board make this decision? Because we’re serious about the ABS Air Safety Foundation’s mission: To protect lives and preserve the Beechcraft fleet. The best way to achieve these goals is to ensure that all ABS members receive regular, expert flight instruction. The best way to do that is to make BPPP training as convenient as possible to members, at the lowest possible cost.  As a not-for-profit aviation safety charitable organization, it’s ABS Air Safety Foundation’s responsibility to do this.”

ABS Air Safety Foundation Executive Director Thomas P. Turner adds: “Until about three years ago, our BPPP training program cost about $1,500 for a two-day weekend, plus travel and hotel/meal expenses for three to four days. Many of our members said that this was just too expensive and the time commitment was just too much, and enrollments in our weekend programs were falling. We weren’t achieving our mission, and something needed to be done. This led to online delivery of the course material and the option of expert, type-specific flight instruction with a BPPP-accredited flight instructor near the pilot’s home. This move away from pilot and instructor training as a profit center, and focusing on vital safety instruction as a value-added member service, means far more pilots and instructors will learn the ABS safety message. By now offering online pilot and flight instructor training free to our members, and flight instruction near the pilot’s home at the lowest possible cost, we’ve removed the obstacles of price and scheduling that may have prevented many Beechcraft pilots from participating in life-saving type-specific training.”

Bob Goff continues: “We want pilots to fly with one of our expert BPPP instructors. But even if they only take some of the free BPPP online courses, they’ll learn more about their Beechcraft and be a safer pilot as a result. It’s truly a win-win for Beechcraft pilots.”

Here are the options: The Beechcraft Systems,
Procedures and Techniques Course (“BPPP Initial”)

If this is your first BPPP experience, or you want to refresh and expand your knowledge of your airplane’s systems and how you use them in normal, abnormal and emergency situations, then this is the course for you. You’ll go through your airplane system-by-system, learning techniques and tricks for getting the most out of your Beechcraft as well as operating it in a manner that promotes airframe and engine longevity. The Beechcraft Systems, Procedures and Techniques Course consists of 13 modules you may take at your own pace, even stopping and returning in mid-module. A short quiz at the end of each module highlights the most important points of the program, and is correctable to 100%.

The Beechcraft Pilot Skills Enhancement Course (“BPPP Recurrent”)

Expand on what you’ve learned in BPPP with the Beechcraft Skills Enhancement Course. In five online courses you’ll learn advanced techniques for Beechcraft emergency procedures, take a completely fresh look at stalls and angle of attack, review Special Use Airspace, learn tips for using Electronic Flight Bags, and (optional but recommended for Baron and Travel Air pilots) cover critical decision-making for engine failures after you’ve feathered the propeller. Again, a short quiz at the end of each module highlights the most important points of the program, and is correctable to 100%.

Add Flight Instruction

Add approximately four hours of Beech-expert flight instruction near your home, on your schedule. You’ll be a safer and more accomplished Beechcraft pilot, and may earn a substantial discount on your aircraft insurance premium (ask your insurance agent or broker).  If you qualify, you’ll earn a Flight Review and/or an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) endorsement.

ABS Flight Instructor Academy:
“How to Teach Beech”

The ABS Flight Instructor Academy teaches certificated flight instructors the techniques and procedures developed by ABS’ contracted instructors in over three decades of teaching in Beech aircraft. ABS’ goal with the ABS Flight Instructor Academy is to ensure that Beech pilots everywhere have convenient access to safe, informed and effective type-specific training, in or out of the BPPP system. This is a major effort in support of the mission of the ABS Air Safety Foundation, “to protect lives and preserve the Beechcraft fleet.”

Pilots and flight instructors wishing to learn more about flying and teaching in Beechcraft Bonanzas, Debonairs, Barons and Travel Airs may join the 9,000 members of ABS at www.bonanza.org or by calling 316-945-1700.•T&T

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