Five on the Fly: Samantha Lohse

Five on the Fly: Samantha Lohse

WHO: Samantha Lohse

Senior Program Manager

White Plains, NY

1. Can you summarize the history and mission of Corporate Angel Network (CAN)?
Corporate Angel Network arranges free travel on business aircraft for cancer patients traveling to and from treatment. Established in 1981, Corporate Angel Network has arranged more than 60,000 flights and continues to transport over 250 patients per month. 

2. Why is this transportation so beneficial to these patients and their families?
Business jet travel makes it possible for patients, especially those in locations far away from the treatment centers best suited for their specific needs, to travel to specialized medical centers. Patients often have physical or financial barriers that may prohibit commercial travel. 

3. What is a typical mission?
CAN serves both children and adults who need to travel – whether it’s for treatment, a consult or a follow-up procedure. Patients either call or email the CAN office with their travel request, and the team goes to work looking for a corporate flight match. Once a flight is found and approved, the CAN team coordinates with both the flight department and the patient to ensure a smooth process.

4. Can you share an example of one of the patient stories? How did the network provide the care he/she required?
In June, CAN coordinated a multi-leg flight with two different corporations for a cancer patient traveling home. Had CAN not been able to provide a flight, the patient would have had to stay for two weeks until her next treatment. Because CAN was able to fly her home directly after treatment, and a return flight for her next appointment, she was able to walk with her high school graduating class. 

5. What are ways owner-pilots and industry professionals can get involved and support the program?
There are a number of ways the business aviation community can support Corporate Angel Network. For a corporation interested in donating a seat, it would become an in-network provider and share its flight schedule with CAN on a regular basis. It is important to note that the flight does not need to be empty – patients frequently fly with executives and other team members.

For those who are unable to provide flight lift, we can partner together on marketing initiatives, co-host events and more. 

Last, but not least, is the Fund an Angel Cocktail Reception, held on the second night of NBAA-BACE each fall. This brings the aviation industry’s top leaders and influencers together for two hours to network and help raise critical funds for CAN’s mission. Companies may support CAN by becoming an event sponsor, donating an auction item, or purchasing tickets to attend. Visit for more information. 

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