First Flight Back

First Flight Back










Twas the night before May first, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, Patty and Peaches asleep on the couch

Foreflight on the iPad by the chimney with care

In preparation for my first flight in six weeks though I dare

I sprang to my car for the drive to Dallas Love

Donned in my flight suit and face mask and gloves

When what to my wondering eyes did appear

But a solemn, lonely King Air standing tall on its gear

The FBO was empty not a person in sight

The ramp deserted in the morning’s first light

As I copied my clearance from the guy with ATC

A single Southwest Boeing was all I could see

Delta Mike cleared as filed radar vectors to Mesquite

A 20-mile flight to exercise my fleet

Now Dasher now Dancer now Prancer now Vixen

Up came the throttles as I taxied into position

Left turn one hundred climb and maintain three

Contact departure on twenty-four tree

To the top of the clouds to the top of the mist

As I grabbed the heading bug and gave it a twist

Cleared ILS one eight call tower twenty point three

All alone in the airspace only the controller and me

My first landing since March was really quite good

On this strange COVID morning as all pilots understood

Fly safe. 

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