En Route: Signature Technicair® Offers New Ads-B Compliance Option For Turboprops And Light Jets

En Route: Signature Technicair® Offers New Ads-B Compliance Option For Turboprops And Light Jets

Signature TECHNICAir®, in collaboration with FreeFlight Systems, is proud to announce ADS-BFREE, a new option for simple and cost-effective
ADS-B compliance.

Initially available to non-RVSM turboprops and light jets without TCAS II, the upgrade replaces existing transponders with a light-weight, compact worldwide-compliant dual ADS-B approved transponder system, designed to simplify installation and provide a whole new level of value in meeting the ADS-B compliance mandate. Included features are:

DO-260B mandate standard compliant ADS-B Out, 1090MHz, Mode S, extended squitter (ES) transponders with Flight ID.

Integrated control head that provides an air-data source, operational control, pilot controlled Flight ID and ADS-B integrity monitoring and alerts.

UAT (978MHz) ADS-B In receiver to provide flight deck awareness on compatible displays and PEDs of FIS-B weather information and TIS-B traffic data.

Stand-alone WAAS/GPS for
ADS-B Out position reporting

“Very few operators have pursued ADS-B solutions and there is a massive wave of installations that will be needed to meet the mandate deadline. Signature TECHNICAir has heard the voice of our customers and many are still waiting for a more practical, more cost effective and less risky solution than those presently available”, said Bill Thompson, Avionics Sales & Development, Signature TECHNICAir. “We are very excited to answer the call by offering a solution our customers can afford to adopt today. In doing so, they support the NextGen movement and the importance of the precision, efficiency and safety for which it stands.”

Signature TECHNICAir provides comprehensive MRO services at its 16 U.S. locations. It offers a full portfolio of both fully integrated and stand-alone ADS-B solutions as well as Sandel® Avilon®, the first flight deck designed for Performance Based Navigation. For more informa-tion, call +1 855 595 4192 or visit www.technicair.com.T&T

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