En Route: Pilatus Extends PC-12 Maintenance Intervals

En Route: Pilatus Extends PC-12 Maintenance Intervals

Pilatus engineers recently developed and certified a new “PC-12 Master Maintenance Plan” to give owners greater flexibility with regard to the timing of required inspections and maintenance. The plan applies to all PC-12 Series, and is expected to reduce required maintenance labor by 20 to 40 percent.

Based on a detailed analysis of in-service fleet experience of over 6.8 million hours, scheduled maintenance intervals have been extended from 100/150 hours to 300 hours. The new plan lists all scheduled maintenance tasks with maximum intervals, allowing operators to package these tasks according to their own specific operations. For operators who want a pre-defined inspection program, the new maintenance policy also provides the tasks pre-packaged in six different intervals – 300 Flight Hours (FH), 300 FH/12 Months (MO), 600 FH, 600 FH/12 MO, 1200 FH/12 MO, 2400 FH/24 MO where the flight hours or calendar time intervals are understood as ‘whichever comes first.’

“We know that Pilatus can only be successful if our customers are successful,” said Ignaz Gretener, vice president of Pilatus’ General Aviation Business Unit. “That is why we remain intensely focused on helping PC-12 operators to get the most value from their aircraft, and on retaining that value throughout the entire period of ownership.”

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