En Route: Hartzell’s Composite 5-Blade Swept Propellers

En Route: Hartzell’s Composite 5-Blade Swept Propellers

Hartzell’s Composite 5-Blade Swept PropellersNow Flying on More than 20% of TBM Fleet 


Hartzell Propeller has delivered more than 150 advanced swept-airfoil five-blade propellers for Daher TBM 700/850/900 aircraft in the 18 months since receiving FAA type certificate approval for the high performance props. The announcement was made at the 15th Annual TBM Owners and Pilots Association Convention held in Charleston, October 7-11, 2015.”Hartzell’s new high performance structural composite propellers are flying on more than 20 percent of the entire Daher TBM fleet, after less than two years on the market,” said Hartzell Propeller President Joe Brown. “That is a true testament to its performance with shorter takeoff rolls, faster climb, quieter cabins, smoother rides and shorter stopping distances. And it looks sweet on the ramp.

The Hartzell prop available for retrofit on the 700/850 fleet and is standard equipment on new DAHER TBM 900 aircraft. Hartzell Propeller expects deliveries for new TBM 900s and retrofits to exceed a total of 200 during the first quarter of 2016, Brown added. Hartzell has received approval for retrofitting TBM model 700 and 850 aircraft from the FAA, EASA and China.

With the new Hartzell propeller, TBM 700/850 takeoff acceleration from zero to 90 knots, is 10 percent faster than with any other available propeller. Hartzell’s advanced propeller also provides for hundreds of feet-per-minute faster climb. Cruise is two or more knots faster than the Hartzell four-blade metal prop and a full five knots faster than a five-blade wood-based propeller. The new Hartzell five-blade prop is also significantly quieter in the cabin and in the pattern.

Hartzell offers the new prop with a Plus 3 warranty, which covers the propeller for a full three years or 1,000 hours, and it has a 3,600-hour/six-year TBO. The new propeller is available directly through Hartzell’s Top Prop conversion program or through DAHER’s distributor network.

For more info on Hartzell Propeller, go to www.hartzellprop.com.


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