En Route: Comp Air Aviation offering entire line on sale

En Route: Comp Air Aviation offering entire line on sale

EnrouteComp Air Aviation, one of the largest kit aircraft manufacturers in the world, supplying kit aircraft for more than 25-years, is putting its entire line of composite kit aircraft on sale.

Whether you are looking for the ever-popular and economical CA-6 and CA-4 six and four-place piston-powered models, or one of the highly sought-after high performance turbine aircraft, the CA-9, CA-10, CA-8 and CA-7, or the brand new retractable-gear CA-6.2 piston or turbine airplanes, they all go on sale for a limited time.*

At one time or another, most aviators have given serious thought about building and flying their own aircraft and now it can be done at a substantially-reduced price. Building your own aircraft is not only fun, but it is a very rewarding experience. Especially when the day comes to take that first test flight in an aircraft that carries your name as the manufacturer!

CA-9 About Comp Air Aviation

Comp Air Aviation is one of the oldest kit manufacturers in the world, with over 25 years of experience producing hundreds of innovative aircraft (over 200 with turboprop engines), incorporating modern construction techniques, advanced avionics installations, and adaptations to special operations.

*Offer expires June 2015 Website:


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