En Route: Banyan Air Service Completes Agreement With ATP To Begin Transitioning Technical Publication Libraries to Online Access

En Route: Banyan Air Service Completes Agreement With ATP To Begin Transitioning Technical Publication Libraries to Online Access

Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) Cloud-Based SaaS Application Enables Competitive Advantage With Improved Speed, Productivity, and Flexibility in Maintenance Operations

Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) announced on March 1, 2016 that Banyan Air Service has completed an agreement with ATP to begin transitioning their entire technical information library from CD-based services to ATP’s Aviation Hub™ cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) application. With online access to critical maintenance and regulatory information, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based FBO reported dramatically improved operating efficiency, speed, and flexibility, among other benefits.

“We pride ourselves on the highest levels of service excellence and the ATP Aviation Hub represents a considerable source of advantage in a highly competitive market,” said Lewis Homsher, Banyan’s Quality Assurance Manager. “Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers means not only getting the job done right as quoted, but also working as productively as possible to minimize aircraft downtime. With hassle-free access to the most current maintenance and regulatory information at our fingertips, we can deliver on that promise with confidence.”

A satisfied ATP customer for decades, Banyan Air Service decided to make the shift from disc-based information service to the SaaS application after testing the ATP Aviation Hub firsthand. The company reported convenience, flexibility, and ease of use among the many benefits; Banyan’s maintenance staff can access technical and other information on any internet-enabled device, while managers have flexibility in assigning access and permissions to specific staff members, based on the type of work they are assigned.

In addition to instant scalability at the flip of a switch, upgrading to the cloud-based application also lifted the burden on staff who were previously required to constantly maintain and update dedicated servers and hardware, as well as managing content updates received every two weeks on publication revision discs. More importantly, with ATP Aviation Hub, Banyan Air Service can ensure that all of their technicians have instantaneous access to the most accurate and up-to-date technical and regulatory information available from any computer with Internet access.

Homsher explained: “Obviously we don’t want access to this type of mission-critical information to be a bottleneck in getting aircraft back up in the air. ATP Aviation Hub is truly a turnkey solution that does the heavy lifting for us and frees us up to focus on what we do best. By integrating all of this constantly updated information for us, ATP takes that complexity out of the equation and helps us speed and streamline our maintenance operations.”

ATP helps more than 23,000 users in 96 countries and 54 manufacturers ensure the highest levels of safety, compliance, and productivity. For more information, visit www.ATP.com.

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